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  • Hello, I'm Dr. Isaac Ghinai.

  • I was part of a team that authored an article published on April 8, 2020 in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, which reveals important new information about how COVID-19 can spread in a community.

  • Large family gatherings can be a way to spread COVID-19 in communities, as illustrated in the cluster of cases detailed in this report.

  • Patient A1.1, the initial patient in this investigation, was part of family cluster A.

  • Patient A1.1 was the first case and represented the first transmission generation.

  • In February 2020, a funeral was held for someone who died of non-COVID-19 causes.

  • A close friend of the family, patient A1.1, shared a meal with members of the bereaved family, family B, the night before the funeral.

  • Patient A1.1 had recently traveled out of state and had mild respiratory symptoms.

  • Patient A1.1 had close contact with members of family B at the funeral.

  • Three members of family B developed COVID-19 symptoms in the days following the funeral.

  • Patient B2.1 was hospitalized.

  • Patient B3.1 developed symptoms days after embracing patient B2.1 while at the hospital while not wearing personal protective equipment or PPE.

  • Ultimately patient B2.1 died on day 28.

  • Three days after the funeral, A1.1 attended a birthday party with nine other members of family A.

  • Seven party attendees then developed symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Three were confirmed to have COVID-19 and four others were diagnosed with probable COVID-19.

  • Patients A2.1 and A2.2 were hospitalized and ultimately died.

  • One family member and a home care professional developed probable COVID-19 after providing personal care for A2.1 without using PPE.

  • Patient A3.1 likely spread the disease to patient A4.1, a household contact who did not attend the birthday party.

  • Three birthday party attendees with probable COVID-19 attended church six days after developing symptoms.

  • Patient D3.1 developed COVID-19 following close contact with these patients at church.

  • This cluster ultimately resulted in 16 cases and three deaths and highlights how quickly the virus can spread in the community.

  • Staying home and avoiding large gatherings are key to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Hello, I'm Dr. Isaac Ghinai.


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How COVID-19 Can Spread in a Community

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