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  • Welcome back to CNN 10 on this Wednesday, October 28, I'm Carl Azuz.

    歡迎回到這週三 10 月 28 日的 CNN 10。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • Glad to have you spending 10 minutes of your day with us.

    很高興你們與我們一起花 10 分鐘看這個影片 。

  • With less than a week to go before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, voting in America past in present is the subject were leading off with today.

    距 2020 年美國總統大選剩不到一週的時間,今天的主題是美國過去到現在的投票狀況。

  • When it was signed in 1787, the U.S. Constitution didn't lay out specifics on citizen voting.

    1787 年簽署時,美國憲法沒有規定公民投票的具體內容。

  • It left decisions about that up to the states.


  • But it also left the door open for Congress to make laws about voting.


  • In practice, the right to go to the polls was originally limited to white men over age 21 they were supposed to own land as well.

    實際上,投票權最初只限 21 歲以上的白人,而且他們也應該擁有土地。

  • But in 1868, the 14th Amendment was ratified.

    但在 1868 年,第十四條修正案通過。

  • It extended citizenship and voting rights to all men born in America as long as they were 21.

    它將公民權和投票權擴大到所有在美國出生年滿 21 歲的男性。

  • And the 15th Amendment, ratified in 1870 specifically protected the right of citizens to vote regardless of their race.

    而 1870 年通過的第十五修正案明確保護了公民的投票權,無論任何種族。

  • There were still discrimination at the polls, like poll taxes and literacy tests that prevented many African Americans from voting.


  • Meanwhile, the right of women to vote wasn't constitutionally protected until 1920.

    同時,婦女選舉權到 1920 年才得到憲法保護。

  • Before that, they could only go to the polls in certain states.


  • But the 19th Amendment guaranteed women's voting rights in all states.


  • Poll taxes were abolished by the ratification of the 24th Amendment in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act, a Federal law passed the next year abolished literacy tests.

    1964 年通過的第二十四條修正案和《選舉權法》廢除了人頭稅,第二年通過的一項聯邦法律也取消了讀寫能力試。

  • So this helped ensure Americans would have the right to vote regardless of their race, religion or level of education.


  • But they still had to be at least 21 years old until 1971.

    但在 1971 年前,他們仍必須滿 21 歲。

  • That's the year the 26th Amendment was passed.


  • And that's the amendment that protected the right of 18 year olds to vote.

    這就是保護 18 歲青年投票權的修正案。

  • Historically speaking, turnout by America's younger voters has been lower than it has been by older groups.


  • But this year there are indications that voters between 18 and 29 years old are casting significantly more ballots than they did in 2016.

    但今年有跡象表明,18 歲至 29 歲的選民投出的選票明顯多於 2016 年。

  • At least as far as early voting is concerned.


  • University of Virginia sophomore Libby Klingner is up early on a Saturday ready to roll, joining fellow campus Republicans to get out the vote.

    弗吉尼亞大學的大二學生 Libby Klingner 週六很早就起床準備投票,她加入校園裡的共和黨們去投票。

  • There is a lot of enthusiasm among young conservatives to vote, especially in this critical year with everything that's been going on with the pandemic.


  • We're out here canvassing today.


  • They're the diehards, but still say everyone they know is voting.


  • People are really starting to recognize just all of the different chaos within the political climate right now that voting is only real say that we can have.


  • UVA Democrats are driving people to the polls.

    UVA 民主黨社團的學生正在載人們去投票處。

  • Hunter Hess waited with Maeve Connick for over an hour to cast an early vote.

    Hunter Hess 與 Maeve Connick 為錢投票等了一個多小時。

  • We've been doing it a lot, especially with first year students who, like ,don't know the voting process very well.


  • I don't know if I know anyone like any of my personal friends who haven't voted already.


  • On the lawn, these students say voting is trendy.


  • Like people on social media they'll post pics of them on their ballot and their "I voted" sticker.

    例如人們會在社交媒體上發佈他們選票的照片和「我投票 」貼紙的照片。

  • So it's almost like, um, you feel a little pressure to vote?


  • Yeah, yes.


  • Young voters are a crucial part of the electorate and are already making up a large share of early voting across 14 key states, compared to 2016.

    年輕選民是選民中很重要的一部分,與 2016 年相比,在 14 個關鍵州的提前投票中,年輕選民已占了很大的比例。

  • In Wisconsin, early voting among young people is up from where it was in 2016 and both parties are working it.

    在威斯康辛州,年輕人的提前投票率較 2016 年高,且兩黨都在努力。

  • We've seen an increase in the number of people asking questions about how to get registered to vote and trying to get registered to vote.


  • The share of the youth vote is almost double what it was this time four years ago in Florida.


  • Welcome to the FSU and Family college Democrats ...


  • College students here and across the pandemic stricken country largely organized virtually.


  • 10 second trivia!


  • How long does it take the moon to orbit Earth?


  • One day, 27 hours, 27 days or one year?

    一天、27 個小時、27 天,還是一年?

  • It takes just over 27 days for the moon to orbit the Earth.

    月球繞地球轉一圈只需要 27 天多。

  • We can see it more often than that because of how fast the Earth rotates.


  • NASA says it's confirmed the presence of water on the sunlit surface of the Moon, but it's not like the lakes and rivers we see on Earth.


  • Researchers have been making closer examinations of the Moon's surface.


  • Their tools include NASA's US$583 million Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the US$3 billion SOFIA telescope, which is mounted to a plane.

    他們的工具包括美國太空總署耗資 5.83 億美元的月球偵察軌道飛行器和價值 30 億美元的 SOFIA 望遠鏡,而它被安裝在飛機上。

  • With the telescope, scientists examined the moon's surface through a wavelength that the naked eye might not be able to see.


  • And NASA says that detected water that's trapped in glass beads or in between grains on certain parts of the Moon.


  • It's not a lot.


  • In one of the Moon's largest craters, it's about as much as a 12 ounce bottle of water, according to NASA.

    根據美國太空總署的數據,在月球上最大的坑和一瓶 12 盎司的水量差不多。

  • With the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, scientists looked at Moon areas that are always shadowed from the sun and theorized that many of these shadows could be filled with ice.


  • They don't know for sure, and if there is water here, no one knows exactly how it got there.


  • But NASA wants to do more research through future Moon missions.


  • It's difficult and expensive to carry water into space.


  • If the Moon has enough of it, it could help supply everything from rocket fuel to drinking water for visitors.


  • [Future missions on the Moon will now have an official "road map" for directions.]


  • [The US Geological Survey released the first-ever comprehensive lunar map.]


  • [The decades-long project was created using Apollo-era maps and recent mission data.]


  • [Rock layers and irregularities such as craters and faults are charted in great detail.]


  • [The map was a collaborative effort between USGS, NASA and the Lunar Planetary Institute.]


  • [It will serve as the definitive geological blueprint for future lunar missions.]


  • American intelligence officials are warning that China, Iran and Russia are all planning to interfere with next week's presidential election, if they haven't already.


  • This might be done through cyber attacks, spreading misleading information, voter or ballot fraud.


  • All three of these countries have denied meddling in the election.


  • But with so much information out there, CNN 10 recently put together a special edition called Checking Your Sources, which can help you identify misinformation or fake news online.

    但外面的資訊量如此廣大,CNN 10 最近推出了一期特別節目《檢查你的資訊來源》,可以幫助你辨識網路上的錯誤資訊或假新聞。

  • It's available right now at

    現在就可以去 收看。

  • Meanwhile, our friends at CNN Business have some more tips to help you ensure that what you're reading is the truth.

    同時,我們在 CNN 商業的朋友們還有一些指點,能幫助你確保你讀到的是事實。

  • Let's say you're scrolling through Facebook and "oh, look another shocking headline" so shocking that it must be false.


  • But this time it kind of looks true.


  • You're not alone if you've had this dilemma.


  • Here's how to spot fake or misleading information online.


  • For posts that link to a website, first check what the websites domain is.


  • .edu and .gov are generally considered to be trustworthy.

    .edu 和 .gov 通常是值得信賴的。

  • When it comes to news articles, check what news outlet the information is coming from.


  • Is it from a well-known and trustworthy source?


  • If you're skeptical, the easiest thing to do is search for the same story elsewhere.


  • If other reputable outlets have covered it, the story is more reliable.


  • Oh, but please don't forget, The Onion is satire.


  • When vetting posts, it's also important to check the date that the article or tweet was first published.


  • Headlines can sometimes appear to be relevant, but the actual story or tweet is outdated or out of context and therefore misleading.


  • For posts by individual users, look to see if that user has a blue check mark next to their name.


  • The check mark means that Facebook and Twitter have verified the account is run by a real person or organization that matches the user name.


  • Verified check marks shouldn't be your sole indication that the information is accurate.


  • It's important to combine all these steps together to be able to make the best judgment.


  • And lastly, if you're unsure about information you see on your social media, at the very least, don't repost it.


  • Sharing information that you can't confirm is true will only make you part of the problem.


  • Any game involving an excavator is gonna be done on a big scale.


  • To celebrate its 95th year in business, the Caterpillar Construction Equipment Company built a giant Pac-Man game board.

    為了慶祝其成立 95 週年,卡特彼勒公司建造了一個巨大的小精靈遊戲板。

  • The goals to show off the machinery and the industry to future workers.


  • After it was built, customers, gamers and operators were allowed to remotely control Pac-man and the ghosts through skid steer loaders.


  • It took 70 man hours to dig out the maze.

    這花費 70 個工時才挖出迷宮。

  • But what an amazing midway to show off!


  • We don't know who had the genesis of the idea, but "Ninten-don't" knock it 'til you've tried it.


  • Why be "Atari" reasonable when you have the "ColecoVision" to "SEGA" your funds into fun and games?


  • I'm Carl Azuz, and tomorrow we'll be "back-man".

    我是 Carl Azuz,明天我們將「強勢回歸」。

  • Wanna give a shoutout to our friends at Glenwood High School.

    想向我們在 Glenwood 中學的朋友們表達致意嗎?

  • It's great to have you watching from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and thank you for your comment at

    很高興你們能在肯塔基州的 Bowling Green 收看,也謝謝你們在 的評論。

Welcome back to CNN 10 on this Wednesday, October 28, I'm Carl Azuz.

歡迎回到這週三 10 月 28 日的 CNN 10。

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