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  • We're joined by the man who is offering that remarkable comeback story.


  • That's Alex Smith, quarterback of the Washington football team.


  • We're gonna talk about.


  • The idea of attitude is free.


  • It's a clothing line that you're part of, and and it's an idea and a slogan that's behind, Really.


  • I think a lot of this come back.


  • And Alex, I I remember back to you and I talking back in the middle of the pandemic about this possibility.

    和亞歷克斯,我... ...我記得回到你和我說話 回到中間的流行病 關於這種可能性。

  • And since you and I spoke on the air, you got back out on the field and I feel like me and everybody that was watching was that we felt the same as your family.


  • We were so thrilled.


  • And yet here comes down along like Oh, God, I hope he's OK.

    然而,這裡來了 沿著像哦,上帝,我希望他沒事。

  • How do you describe what that whole thing was about and like?


  • Well, for me, the first thing that that jumps out at me was that the range of emotions on that day certainly, uh, the feeling of being alive once your numbers called and I was running out there.

    好吧,對我來說,第一件事,跳出我 是,範圍內的情緒 在那一天當然,呃,感覺是活著的 一旦你的號碼叫我,我是跑在那裡。

  • Obviously, this has been almost two years in the making for me to get back out on the field And that's why I came back at that feeling.


  • Um, you know that opportunity and and something that I missed.


  • And I'm thankful thankful for it that obviously things have progressed far enough that I get to play football every day.


  • Still.


  • Ah.


  • Now I've got to run out there, obviously on and get back out on the field and the feeling of getting out there and mixing it up, Um, and playing this game, I love what was amazing.


  • Um, obviously little baptism by fire with Aaron.


  • Donald certainly didn't think he was gonna jump on my back, but, uh, great way to great, great way Thio test my test, my leg and for me was it was amazing.


  • Like I said, to get back out there and Thio play the game.


  • I love to get tackled to mix it up.


  • It was obviously hard to put into words.


  • Well, you and your wife designed the shirt in The idea that I talk about attitude is free, and the idea is just live, and I can't imagine anything would make you feel more alive than having to deal with the defensive player of the Year.

    好吧,你和你的妻子設計的襯衫在 我談論的態度是免費的,這個想法只是活著,我無法想象有什麼會讓你感覺更活著,而不是不得不處理年度防守球員。

  • Unfortunately for you and your team kind of living in your backfield that day.


  • I imagine you feel incredibly alive and also maybe a little bit had to be a little bit frightening as well.


  • How do you describe that?


  • Yeah, I mean, that za life.


  • You said it the good and the bad.


  • And for me, I spent I spent a long time in a wheelchair.


  • Um, not being able to do anything.


  • I spent a lot of days, you know, on on a walker and and months and months and months on crutches and for me constantly wondering in my thoughts what I'd ever be able to do again.

    我花了很多天的時間,你知道的,在助行器上 和幾個月,幾個月,幾個月的柺杖,對我來說,不斷地想知道 在我的想法,我曾經能夠再次。

  • And, you know, just dreaming about being able to walk normally.


  • And you have to go on a hike with my wife or play with my kids and thankful to me, thankful enough that it that it kept progressing.


  • And for me, I think a lot of people question why would even be playing again and and for me, I'm going to make the most of it.


  • I'm going to live, and, uh, I got this opportunity.


  • And like I said, I'm living every day, and I'm gonna go out there and make the most of it and thankful for it.


  • So, uh, enjoying it, enjoying everything about it, Putting the past back on my helmet.

    所以,呃,享受它,享受它的一切, 把過去的東西回到我的頭盔上。

  • Like I said There, you know, you don't know when when when It's going to be your last day.

    就像我說的,你知道,你不知道什麼時候 什麼時候會是你的最後一天。

  • And like I said, just just enjoying the process and being out there playing football again.


  • I know how much you wanted your wife, especially your kids to see Dad do it like all the all you work for had had a finish line that had a satisfying outcome.


  • Other the result in whatever you're out there doing it again.


  • What was the satisfaction Alex in that, just being able to look up and have them see their pop doing what he does?


  • Yeah, it was It was amazing in the sense that you know our first couple home games.

    是啊,這是 這是驚人的意義,你知道我們的第一 夫婦的主場比賽。

  • We didn't have any fans there, and luckily enough, that was the first game that just family was allowed to attend in the stands.


  • And obviously it was it was It was a rainy, sloppy day and I swear there was probably only 150 fans in the stands and it was kind of like a high school game.

    很明顯,那是... ...那是一個下雨的日子,我發誓看臺上大概只有150名球迷,這有點像一場高中比賽。

  • So my my my wife and kids were right there.


  • I mean, I could hear them cheering the whole game, Uh, could look up in the stands, and I feel like I could have a conversation with them.

    我的意思是,我可以聽到他們的歡呼 整個遊戲,呃,可以看上看臺, 我覺得我可以有 與他們交談。

  • So very intimate in that sense and and thankful that they got to be there with me, uh, to experience that has Really.

    所以在這種意義上非常親密,並感謝 他們得到了在那裡與我,呃,經歷了,真的。

  • I mean, obviously, I've relied on so many people to get here over the last two years.


  • Um, but no more than my wife.


  • She's she's been through so much.

    她... ...她經歷了這麼多。

  • And for her to be there and share that with me and my kids as well, uh, to have been through this entire process with me day in and day out and obviously to have them their share it with me was was really special.


  • The idea of just live Alex for you.


  • Looking forward.


  • How much does the fact that you got to get back out there again, allow your attitude right?


  • And the idea of your life toe look forward without this nagging thought of it?


  • What if I don't?


  • Because you did it.


  • You've already done it.


  • So it does that free you up toe Look at the rest of life in a different way.


  • Yeah, you know, for me that that just lived Also, is that that self doubt?

    是啊,你知道,對我來說,這只是生活 還有,是自我懷疑?

  • Sometimes, you know, we all have that voice in our head.


  • Sometimes it creeps in and that negative thoughts And for me, it's about eliminating that thought and for me Ah, the ease of just go Just just living, you know, and for me that obviously you could put it out there and it's okay.

    有時,它爬在和消極的想法 而對我來說,它是關於消除這種想法 而對我來說,啊,輕鬆的只是去 只是只是生活,你知道,對我來說,顯然 你可以把它放在那裡,它的好。

  • And obviously failure is a part of life, and it might happen.


  • Um, and and for me, though, it's about making the most of the opportunities you have.


  • And I'm certainly not going to be controlled by fear.


  • Ah, you know, a scary as it is sometimes, uh, you know, and for me that that was the mindset.

    啊,你知道,一個可怕的,因為它是有時, 呃,你知道,對我來說,這是心態。

  • No question to obviously to have gone out there last Sunday was was really special.


  • But for me, it's it's funny.

    但對我來說,它是... ...它是有趣的。

  • It was, and I felt like it was another step for me.


  • Finally, from the from the whole contact perspective, to gone out there and get you know that I could get hit and get tackled, and I'm going to be fine.


  • And for me now to move forward and and kind of continuing with playing quarterback, you know, and being the best that I could be right on.

    而對我來說,現在前進 和那種繼續 與打四分衛, 你知道,併成為最好的 我可以是正確的。

  • They say, uh, they say attitudes really, truly, Alex, the one thing in life we can choose to be in charge of every day, right?


  • I mean, that's the really the essence of all that we're saying here.

    我的意思是,這是真正的本質 我們在這裡說的所有。

  • I suppose if we boiled it down right, no doubt.


  • I think through it all.


  • You know, you talk about controlling what you can control.


  • And the number one thing is attitude, you know.


  • And obviously life throws a lot of things at us, good and bad, and certainly how we respond in our attitude of mind sets the biggest part of that.


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We're joined by the man who is offering that remarkable comeback story.



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