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  • why do you look like you peed your  pants i warned you yeah yeah yeah


  • so audrey accidentally dropped my cone what  


  • happened there i licked it too  hard you looked at it too hard  

    那裡發生 了什麼 我舔它太硬,你太辛苦

  • good morning everyone morning hello hello  greeting once again from nova scotia yes  

    大家早上好早上 看了一下 你好你好來自新斯科舍省是 今天我們 再次問候 '在新

  • today we're going on a little bit of a road  trip here in nova scotia south shore we're  

    斯科舍 省南岸這裡要進行一些公路旅行,我們將

  • going to be heading to lahave islands can't wait  we're going to be doing a cable ferry crossing  


  • we're going to be visiting some beaches doing  some hiking and we're also going to be doing  


  • an attraction that many locals in lunenburg have  been suggesting the ovens the ovens yes we're also  


  • going to hit up lahave bakery apparently it's a  must do whenever you're crossing over on the ferry  


  • so yeah we're pretty pumped for today's outing  we have a beautiful day blue skies great weather  


  • light breeze yeah i'm starting to think that  nova scotia is the sunshine paradise of canada  


  • yeah it sure seems that way it seems day after day  we get nice weather like this i don't know how we  


  • got so lucky so we are gonna hit the road again  we're super close to the ferry we're gonna show  


  • you that crossing and yeah let's do it yeah road  tripping in nova scotia canada guys gotta love it

    您 展示 穿越和是,讓我們做到這一點,是的,在新斯科舍省的加拿大,人們一定要喜歡

  • we completely winged this day of road tripping  across the lahave islands but honestly it turned  


  • out to be one of our favorite days on nova  scotia south shore this day was based entirely  

    是我們 在新斯科舍省 南海岸最喜歡的日子之一,這一天完全

  • on local suggestions and the odd roadside  stop whenever something peaked our interest  

    基於當地的建議,而且當我們對 我們 的興趣達到頂峰時,路邊會停下來

  • we hadn't done much research so we didn't know  what to expect and that was the beauty of it


  • the ferry crossing was quick and easy we crossed  the lahave river from east lahave to lahave how  


  • many times can you say lahave in one sentence this  was a very short crossing to avoid a big detour  

    您能說一遍拉哈維的次數 是 多少?非常短的交叉路口,以避免 穿過橋水

  • through bridgewater and it meant we were ready to  start our island hopping adventure a bit sooner

    的大彎路 ,這意味著我們已經準備好更快地開始我們的跳島冒險,

  • well guys we just got on the ferry and we are  moving like we literally drove on and 30 seconds  


  • later it's like oh we're going we're on our way  i know and normally the ferry is seven dollars  


  • but it is free right now i think because of  the situation that's going on yes oh yeah  


  • a little bit of information there we're  doing this trip in september early september  

    的 ,是的,是 的,有些信息,我們將在9月初進行這次旅行

  • and yeah apparently it's a super short  crossing just like five or seven minutes  


  • so sam is snapping photos filming some video clips  yeah this is amazing it's nice it's a cable car  


  • fairy yeah but it you know it's the size of uh you  know it's it's not as small as i thought it would  


  • be it could hold approximately 10 to 12 vehicles  9 to 12 vehicles i think and there's also room for  

    它可能會容納大約10到12輛車 ,我認為這 是9到12輛車,而且還有

  • quite a few uh pedestrians and cyclists so you  know i was i was kind of expecting like a raft  


  • of vehicles on the raft because we  did a crossing on lake titicaca from  

    上的筏子一樣因為我們在從喀爾巴阡山脈 到秘魯或

  • bolivia to peru or peru to bolivia and honestly  it was kind of sketchy when i saw what what they  

    從 秘魯到玻利維亞的 喀喀湖上穿越了一條路 ,說實話,當我看到他們

  • put the bus on yeah and don't mind me guys this is  such a short crossing that i'm i'm filming at the  

    把公共汽車放在 什麼 車上的 時候,這有點粗略

  • moment you can see i'm you know we're almost  there we'll see you guys on the other side

    ,不要介意我,這是一個短暫的穿越,我我正在拍攝的 那一刻你可以看到我您知道我們 快到了,一旦我們下了渡輪

  • once we got off the ferry we turned left and  hit the lahave bakery right away we'd recommend  

    ,我們便會在另一邊見你們, 我們立即轉身去了Lahave麵包店,我們建議您

  • arriving around lunch because that's when they  have their full menu featuring smoked salmon  


  • bagels smoked meat paninis breakfast sandwiches  and more we got there a little too early for that


  • all right time to try this all so we have  i'm going to try in the mediterranean wrap  

    所有 合適的時間嘗試所有這一切,所以我們有我要去地中海包裝

  • pizza the date square that's  a pretty eclectic lunch but um  

    比薩餅 嘗試 的日期平方米,這是一個很融合的午餐但是,恩

  • yeah one thing i want to mention too is that just  inside of the store it's got this awesome vintage  


  • look the store dates back to the 1800s so they've  got all kinds of interesting artifacts and  

    外觀,該商店的歷史可以追溯到1800年代,因此他們 在一個很酷的地方內放置了

  • decorations inside a pretty cool spot for sure  you can see why people recommend it so highly

    各種有趣的文物和 裝飾品,以確保您能明白為什麼人們推薦它如此高度

  • um oh really tasty try the pizza somebody's  taking a nibble out of the pizza already  


  • who would that have been i don't know our mouth


  • three cheese pizza this is more like  a pizza bun this just hits the spot  


  • it's gonna give us enough energy so we can start  exploring and last but not least the date square


  • oh yeah super thick layer of date that's  

    哦,是的 ,這是我最喜歡 的日期,

  • that's my favorite item for sure yeah great little  bakery and um nice to be having some lunch here


  • lahave river books is located in the back of the  building and they have an entire section dedicated  


  • to local authors as well as books of local  interest there's also a really nice seating area  

    為 本地作家以及地方利益的書籍也有一個非常好的休息區

  • out back with picnic benches and chairs so it's  a nice stop before kicking off your lahave island


  • adventure

    冒險 島 的人得到了

  • people got tired of old dublin  so they made a new dublin  

    前一個漂亮的停 陳舊的都柏林因此就把

  • we're driving through new york we got tired  of old dublin so they made a new dublin  

    我們正在通過紐約 駕駛 新都柏林

  • sing along audrey people got tired of old  dublin so they made a new dublin on youtube  

    我們厭倦了老都柏林,因此他們提出了新的都柏林 一起唱奧黛麗人們厭倦了老都柏林,使他們在YouTube上 沒事,所以我們

  • all right so we have reached the first stop of  the day we've just arrived at crescent beach  

    提出了新的都柏林 已經到達了我們剛到達新月海灘的第一天

  • and i've just learned an interesting fact about  this place apparently this is called a tombolo  


  • which is a sandbar that extends from the mainland  off towards an island this particular one  


  • is two kilometers in length and it varies  in width it's between 40 to 65 meters  


  • so yeah we're gonna be driving down here after  we visit the beach and doing a little bit of  

    ,是的,是的,在我們參觀海灘並進行一些 跳島運動 之後,我們將開車去這裡,

  • island hopping so yeah it should be a lot of  fun observations it smells salty and it smells  

    是的,很多有趣的發現,它聞到鹹味,聞到 海藻味,就像我在想幾個星期前我們在盛大的馬南市吃的所有大人一樣

  • seaweedy like i'm thinking of all the adults we  were eating in grand manan just a few weeks ago  

    ,它聞起來 不像洋娃娃嗎 ,它聞起來 像 鹹鹹的 海味,我

  • doesn't it smell like dolls yes it does it smells  like salty sea wonderful smell i don't know if i'd  


  • say it's wonderful i love it i love it i want  to live by the sea someday guys that's my dream  


  • that's my new dream new dream not mountains now  it's sea mountain dancing even better one unusual  

    ,這是我的新夢想,不是山的新夢,現在是海山上的舞,甚至比 我

  • thing that i'm noticing is that people are able to  drive right down to the beach with their vehicles  

    更好的一件不尋常的 事請注意,人們可以用車輛直接駛向海灘,

  • so if you look over my shoulder like there's a lot  of vans and suvs just parked along the edge and  


  • then you can just walk on down to the water set  up your picnic your little day tent or whatever  

    那麼您就可以 繼續前行 直到下水野餐你的小日帳篷或其他什麼

  • and yeah it's just a beautiful area so peaceful  like there's hardly any people out here  


  • that's really cool sam has gone into the water  getting nice and salty out there um but yeah just  


  • a beautiful day to be out on the beach and then  we're gonna continue driving down that way and  


  • begin our island hopping so i'm looking forward  to that why do you look like you peed your pants  


  • i tried my best i hiked up my shorts and it  still didn't work out so i was trying to get  


  • look this is this is the thing i was trying to  get some salt water on my wound that's healing  


  • supposed to be great for it and i went in  a little too much a wave came and splashed  

    應該是很好 的治療方法

  • me really good so now i'm soaking i i saw this  happening in slow motion i warned you yeah yeah

    ,但是我進了太多的波浪,把 我 潑得 非常好,所以現在 浸濕了,我 看到這是慢動作發生的我警告過你,是的,

  • island number one bush island first  island of the day yeah we're going  


  • to be doing quite a few guys so  yeah this is just the beginning  


  • it's an island hopping day there's a there's a  network of these islands out in this particular  


  • area lahave islands the hay violence this is  particular bush island and we'll see what we find


  • do

    做好 海島跳和更新更新所有的權利,所以我們從新月形的海灘上我們確實這樣做了

  • well island hop and update update all right so we  crossed from crescent beach we sure did over to  

    布什 島則詹金斯島則鐘島,我們去到拉哈夫島嶼,

  • bush island then jenkins island then bell island  we have made it to lahave island that's a whole  

    一大堆 劃線

  • lot of violence yeah one thing we've discovered  is that it's mostly like cottages and private  


  • property yeah it is that's basically what it  is yeah i mean there's a cool museum that's  


  • being renovated at the moment oh my bad nibbling  on scones too so there's a museum what's that one  


  • called something yeah there's a maritime museum  right on one of these islands you see it as soon  

    叫什麼,是的,在這些島嶼中的一個上有一個海事博物館 ,您過橋後便會

  • as you cross the bridge because it's painted  orange you won't miss it yeah it's on this one  

    看到它, 因為它被塗成橙色,您不會錯過它,是的,這

  • actually the lahave islands yeah yeah we just  enjoy the drive assistant yes incredibly scenic  


  • lots of forest and these these properties are  fantastic because they haven't been cleared too  


  • much kind of just a pathway to the house and you  still have the ruggedness out here so it does feel  


  • like you're in the forest i love that about it  and it's very hilly like we've been going up some  


  • steep hills getting this little baby up here we  go up and then we go down and then we go yeah and  


  • then we go across the bridge yeah but it's been  a lot of fun like i've enjoyed the island hopping  


  • even though it wasn't what i imagined i thought  there would be like more access to the beaches  


  • but it's more if you have your own vessels like  there's a lot of um docking points for like water  


  • access stuff like that exactly i mean you're  not coming here for a main tourist attraction  


  • when you're coming here for the basically for the  for the drive and it's a beautiful drive and yeah  


  • well worth it in my opinion yeah and you have  crescent beach which is massive and now we're  


  • going to the one that's just north of it yeah  it's wristers it's i think provincial park yeah  


  • yeah or national park no i think provincial  park and that's what's up next yeah  


  • hi hey look at this little slice of paradise  

    嗨,嘿,看看 我們發現的 這個小天堂

  • we found on the side of the  road this is just incredible  


  • probably my favorite spot of the whole day it's  just so rugged so beautiful i don't see any homes  


  • i don't see any people i just feel like this is  our own little spot our own little private place  


  • see lots of seaweed yellow seaweed it is seaweed  for sure it's just amazing i just love it here


  • do

  • so we then continued on to wrister's beach  provincial park which sits at the mouth  

    所以我們繼續前往腕上海灘省立公園,該公園位於 小河岸 口

  • of the petite riviere the park has a 1.5  kilometer stretch of sheltered sandy beach  


  • plus a boardwalk that runs along an inland marsh


  • hi what did you think of wristers park  racers beach beach park there we go  


  • lots to do here oh yeah so we started  off by going to the beach didn't  


  • the water oh the like a little ice cube but  really nice to walk on the beach i wouldn't swim  


  • i i got a knee-deep i thought it was okaymean yeah it's definitely chilly i'll give  


  • you that yeah i'll give you that but they also  have a really nice boardwalk that goes through  

    你的,是的,我會給你的,但是他們也有穿越 沼澤地

  • marshland that's really pretty there's a few  forest trails where it's like really mossy and  

    的非常漂亮的木板路 etty有幾條森林小徑,那裡真的像是長滿苔蘚和

  • cool like cooler temperatures yeah also a place  that i think you can go camping there's an rv  


  • area and also plenty of picnic benches andcanteen which sells ice cream and also like  


  • i think fast food like hamburgers and stuff  like that so a great place to bring a family  


  • or to go as a couple or even to come as you're  by yourself because we just love it here  

    ,成對旅行,甚至獨自出行 的好地方, 因為我們只是喜歡這裡

  • we then hop back on the ferry and headed across  the lahave river but don't worry our canada road  


  • trip wasn't over yet we still had a few more  places we wanted to visit on the drive back  


  • hello whoa whoa he loves putting the camera in  my face hello hey guys back on the ferry back on  


  • the ferry world's quickest crossing basically  we're almost there yes we're heading back to  

    好!輪渡世界上最快的過境點基本上我們 快到了, 是的,我們要返回

  • east lahave and we're going to do a few more stops  along the way before we get back to lunenburg some  

    東拉哈維, 在返回 倫堡之前,我們將再做一些停留,然後再返回倫堡,進行一些

  • nature outdoorsy hikes and that kind of thing  there's another there's another beach to visit  


  • and there's the ovens so the ovens yes you got it  right this time the ovens we've called it right  

    參觀 日這是烤箱,所以烤箱是的,這一次您把它叫做正確的烤箱,我們將其稱為

  • the pots the ceramics everything it's the ovens  everything other than the ovens finally called  


  • it what it's supposed to be called oh the thingwanted to mention nova scotia's awesome slogan for  

    應該被稱為的哦,我想提及的事情nova s​​cotia的

  • its license plate is canada's ocean playground  perfect huh we've been doing that all day

    車牌 口號 是加拿大的海洋遊樂場,是我們的最佳選擇,整天

  • turtle's beach was our next stop but  first a little ice cream stop because  


  • who can resist an ice cream truck certainly not us


  • i'm hungry okay this is this is like my  first treat of the day though since lunch  

    我餓了好的,這就像我今天的第一餐一樣 , 但是因為午餐了

  • there's lunch we are hungry got ice cream  okay so the one you're trying which is mine  


  • is the mariner sea salt karma and the peanut  butter fudge crunch so glad what do you got  


  • um that's by chocolate which is good yep and some  rainbow that one here is called moon mist yeah  


  • i think it's a flavor for kids because it tastes  like bubble gum i just thought it sounded nice but  


  • realistically the chocolate is better you gotkid's flavor sam is on his second cone so audrey  


  • accidentally dropped my cone what happened there  i was filming i licked it too hard you licked  


  • it too hard the flavor was too delicious and  anyways we went back to benny's ice cream truck  


  • and i'm not sure if it's benny who works  there but let's assume that it is benny  


  • benny's a great guy we offered to pay him forbrand new one and he insisted that we got a cone  

    班尼是個好人,我們願意付錢給他買一個嶄新的人,他堅持要我們 免費提供 一筒

  • gratis so for free and uh what what a nice  person to do that so if you're coming here  

    免費 的錐子 ,呃,有什麼好人做到這一點,所以如果你來這裡

  • enjoy some delicious ice cream and try not to drop  your clothes yeah don't drop your cone like us  


  • but go try some delicious ice  cream at benny's ice cream truck


  • do

  • dude what's going on i feel each and every time  i get over confident i have my pants hold up like  


  • this that's way too much like for youtube okay  yeah i know that's some very pasty legs apologies  


  • for that oh my goodness it's been so nice to get  salty now for what the third or fourth time today  


  • but i'll say this about this beach this has  been the nicest one to go in barefoot just  


  • beautiful fan and the waters are a little  bit clearer once you go in his wall  

    漂亮的風扇,一旦你 走進 他的牆,水域就會變得更 清澈

  • just love this one this is my favorite hurdles  beach beach yeah at least for the experience of  

    就愛上這個。這是我最喜歡的障礙,海灘,是的,至少對於 走進水里

  • walking in into the water this is the best one  and beautiful cliffs oh gosh in this direction  

    的經歷 這是最好的一個,也是最美麗的懸崖。哦,朝這個方向

  • look at some of the real estate i mean could you  get a better view and then there's gaff point  


  • in the other direction we're not gonna  make it there um it's like a two hour walk  

    在另一個方向上 出現缺口 ,我們就不會在那做,就像兩個步行 一個

  • the the benny said at the ice cream shop  they're probably not even there probably  

    小時 ,班尼說,他們在冰淇淋店裡甚至沒有, 我們

  • we're gonna call him benny because that's the  name of the shop so benny said two hours or  

    可能 要叫他班尼,因為那是店名,所以班尼說,

  • 40 minutes we've actually got the ovens left to  visit and it's now for 4 20 so we do need to get  

    我們實際上已經把烤箱留給了 兩個小時或 40分鐘。參觀,現在是4 20,所以我們確實

  • going we are driving to the ovens natural park  we're almost there we just saw the sign for it  


  • and it says this is the site of the 1861 gold  rush there was a gold rush whoa whoa close to  


  • my face in nova scotia canada it also says this is  canada's first campground so that's kind of cool

    在加拿大新斯科舍省 趕緊 我的臉,這也說這是加拿大的第一個營地所以這是一種冷卻

  • all right guys so we have arrived at the ovens  natural park admission was 10 canadian dollars  


  • per person plus tax 23. we are going to be doing  the sea cave trail so we got a nice little map  

    每人加稅23.我們將做的海洞痕跡,所以我們得到了一個漂亮的小地圖 與 10加幣

  • with the layout the interesting thing we learned  is like this was the hub of the gold rush here in  

    佈局我們學到的有趣的事情是,這是 加拿大新斯科舍省

  • nova scotia canada something i had no idea about  1861 gold rush and it says that at the height of  

    淘金熱的中心, 我對1861年的淘金熱一無所知,它說在

  • this gold rush there was a whole town here with  over a thousand miners complete with hotels  

    淘金熱的高峰期,這裡有整個城鎮數以千計的礦工與酒店 商店

  • stores a bank all that is gone now like we're  we're out in nature so that is super crazy  

    一起 存儲了所有的錢,就像我們在自然界中消失了一樣,這真是太瘋狂了,

  • um but yeah we're gonna be walking the trail  learning a bit of the history this is the first  


  • stop we've come to on our hiking trail tucker's  tunnel so let's head on down tucker on down

    站我們來到了遠足徑塔克(Tucker)隧道,所以讓我們在塔克( Tucker)隧道 上向下

  • tucker's tunnel here we go as far as you  get there's like a balcony with a little  

    走,我們一直走到那裡,就像 通往 陽台的陽台一樣,

  • lookout into the tunnel yeah you getfabulous view that's amazing actually  


  • whoa that is insane so we've come down these steps


  • and now there's like a little balcony area  you can't actually climb down any further  


  • but you get a view of the tunnel you can  see the sea to one side you can it's amazing  


  • this view is just unbelievable wow and it  goes way down to the left as well i can't  


  • even see how far it goes down there look at that  guys the tunnels where people looked for gold


  • come on waves sam's waiting for the magic waves


  • i know you can do it i know you can smash  into the rocks we've just begun this hike  


  • and honestly i can say this is well worth paying  for don't you agree this is blowing us away to be  


  • honest how many people recommended this place  to us quite a few three quite a few yeah this  


  • was the most recommended place when they found  out we were coming to lahave for the day and  


  • um this is on the way to lahave obviously  but uh man it's so cool yeah it's so cool

    這是 最值得推薦的地方, 嗯,這顯然是要去洗禮的。但是,嗯,這是如此的酷,是的,如此的酷,

  • so


  • we're going deeper and deeper into  the dark tunnel to see where it leads


  • oh wow that's pretty awesome  be really careful man whoa


  • so  


  • so


  • so


  • what a day what a day what a day that waslot of fun i've got to say one of the most  

    多麼美好的一天,多麼美好的一天,我不得不說,這 是我很長一段時間以來 最

  • fun days of travel i've had in a very long  time yes i mean we've had well not in a long  

    有趣的旅行 之一, 是的,我的意思是說我們過得很愉快很長時間

  • time we've been having great days of travel  no discussion but that was the most random day  


  • and we didn't have any set plans there was  no must yeah it was just let's go and see  


  • and do as much as we can it was  really our travel style kind of just  


  • winging it driving around looking for good food  a bit of hiking lots of time in nature and yeah  


  • especially this last spot like the ovens i would  so so recommend calling here that was the probably  


  • the most impressive yeah today for sure so cool  and hey i'm turning into a bit of a beach bunny