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  • Have you ever heard the saying It's not what you know.

    你聽過一句話嗎? 你知道的並不重要。

  • It's who you know.


  • Well, incredibly, when it comes to finding a job, it's a great place to look for work, your network or your personal network.


  • Other people, you know and I connected to and they could be family, friends, social groups or clubs that you've been apart off.

    其他的人,你知道,我連接到 他們可能是家庭,朋友,社會團體或俱樂部,你已經分開了。

  • It could be passed workmates.


  • It could be people that you went to school with.


  • They all form part of your personal network.


  • In fact, you can figure out who they are by drawing a circle and writing you in the middle and then a circle outside of that with your family and friends and people, you know, and then another circle outside of that, with their contacts and people they know, See, you could be quite connected and not even know it.


  • So what you want to do is consider who do I need to get to know to get the job I want, and this is where it takes the confidence to get out there and meet people, join clubs, volunteer and get asking for support.


  • Incredibly, people really do want to help you, so if you start sharing with family, friends and people you know about the job you'd love to get.


  • They will be able to think about their network and help connect you.


  • So have to think about who you might know and who you need to get connected to.


  • And it is a simple as asking people really do want to help.


Have you ever heard the saying It's not what you know.

你聽過一句話嗎? 你知道的並不重要。


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A2 初級 中文 寫上 網絡 俱樂部 朋友 工作 聯繫

如何通過親朋好友找工作? (How to get a job through your friends and family)

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