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  • There's a few simple ways to record your own attendance at Other Appointments, Job Interviews and activities using the jobactive website.


  • To get started, sign into your jobactive JobSearch account.

    要開始,請登錄您的jobactive JobSearch賬戶。

  • All requirements that have been scheduled by your Provider will display in your Calendar and in 'Your task to do' section on your Dashboard.

    您的供應商安排的所有要求將顯示在您的日曆和您的儀表板上的 "您的任務 "部分。

  • To confirm your attendance at a requirement, go to the 'Your tasks to do' section on your Dashboard.

    要確認您對某項要求的出席情況,請轉到您的儀表板上的 "您要做的任務 "部分。

  • When you need to confirm your attendance, it will display in the 'Your tasks to do' list as 'Urgent'.

    當你需要確認你的出勤時,它將在 "你的任務 "列表中顯示為 "緊急"。

  • This means you will need to record your attendance today.


  • You will also receive a notification message via your Account Inbox to remind you to record your attendance.


  • Click on the 'Confirm Attendance' hyperlink.

    點擊 "確認出勤 "超鏈接。

  • To confirm that you attended the requirement click 'Confirm Attendance' in the pop up box.

    要確認您參加了要求,請點擊彈出框中的 "確認出席"。

  • You will then receive a 'Success' message that will let you know 'Your attendance has been successfully recorded'.

    然後,您將收到一條 "成功 "資訊,讓您知道 "您的考勤已成功記錄"。

  • 'Attended' will then display in 'Your task to do' List and your Provider will be notified that you have recorded your attendance for your requirement.

    出席 "將顯示在 "您的任務 "列表中,您的供應商將被通知,您已經記錄了您的出席您的要求。

  • If you attended an activity that requires you to enter a Passcode to confirm you attendance, your activity supervisor will provide this to you on the day.


  • If the activity was, less than 4 hours you will only need to enter one Passcode for that day.


  • If your activity was 4 hours or more you will need to enter two Passcodes to confirm your attendance.


  • Once you have entered a Passcode or Passcodes for the period you attended on the day, 'Attended' will display also in 'Your tasks to do' list.

    一旦你輸入了你當天參加的期間的密碼,"參加 "也會顯示在 "你的任務 "列表中。

  • If you are unable to confirm your own attendance at an activity, ask your activity supervisor if they can do this for you or contact your Provider as soon as possible to request they record it.


  • The option to confirm your attendance at a requirement will also available via your Calendar following the same simple steps.


  • So here's a few things you will need to take into account when recording your attendance:


  • You must confirm your attendance by close of business on the day the requirements were scheduled in your Calendar.


  • If you are unable to record your own attendance, you will need to contact your Provider and ask if they can record attendance on your behalf; and


  • if you are unable to attend a scheduled requirement, you must contact your Provider in advance to discuss the reason why you are not able to attend.


  • And just remember, by following these simple rules you will always ensure that you are doing the right thing by meeting your requirements.


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