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  • These are the numbers that are being thrown at us constantly.


  • The cases, the cases, the cases.


  • And I want to drill down into that number right away and talk about the cases because this is the number that's really directly affecting policy.


  • And I want to talk about what really is a case.


  • And so let me show you this figure that you see on screen right now and again.


  • This is the daily quote on quote cases that were being shown in the media, but actually, that's not really what that number is.


  • It's the total number of people that tested positive with the CPR covert tests.


  • And I'm not gonna get into theocracy of the CPR test the false positive, the false negatives to the number of times that that's R N a Strand is replicated in order.

    我不會進入心肺復甦測試的神學測試的假陽性,假陰性的次數,這是R N一個字符串被複制的順序。

  • Thio Breakthrough toe a positive test whether that's 40 times 37 times or 33 times, that's been talked about at length on my show.

    Thio Breakthrough toe a positive test whether that's 40 times 37 times or 33 times, that's been talked about in length on my show. 我在節目中已經詳細地討論過了。

  • But let's go ahead and take this case, this number as a as a true people, testing positive that does not equal people that have cases of cove it it just means that you've tested positive for this r n A sequence.

    但是,讓我們繼續前進,並採取這種情況下,這個數字作為一個真正的人,測試陽性,不等於人有案例的洞穴,它只是意味著你已經測試陽性的這個R N A序列。

  • I wanna make that very clear.


  • But the most important number that you're going to see on the screen right now is the increase in the number of tests.


  • Because if you look at the at the people testing positive, you'll see that this 18,900 is nearly four times the 5000 cases per day that we saw on the first wave of the pandemic, where we saw many deaths.


  • We saw the NHS, we were being told being put under strain, and now it seems like it's four times that number of that that number.


  • But when you look at the number of tests being done, you can see that that's gone up dramatically since May and November.


  • And it's gone from the May dates of somewhere around 50,000 cases per day.


  • Now, up to almost a quarter of a million cases per day test per day.


  • That's four and five times the amount, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this.


  • If you test more people, you're going to get more cases, period and this is not shown to us as a percentage of population is just shown to us as the total number of people testing positive, and so this number is not put into context.


  • And so by very definition it is flawed and it is skewed and you cannot compare it to a number that was happening in April or May.


  • And yet that is the number that we see newspapers leading with television channels leading with and politicians leading with when they want to get your attention and they want to use it to hijack logic, hijacked science and change policy.


  • This is a very, very, very important important points and we need to hold our politicians and our mainstream media to qualify this point when they put it out there because if you don't tell us there's been four times the number of tests, then you can't say well adjusted for the quantity of tests.


  • We are are saying the number is actually lower than back in May, but they don't say that they throw a number of cases at you, um which is actually the number of positive tests, which is not necessarily the number of cases and then they try to instill panic, which is what they're doing right now in this country with this record number of positive tests.


  • So again, it must be put in context.


  • If you divide that by the number of case of tests being made four or five months ago, the number is actually not any bigger than where we were in the quote unquote first wave.


  • So that's the first point that I really wanna make.


  • I think it's a very, very important point to make.


  • And again, all of my data is coming from the Office of National Statistics here in London.


  • It's a it's a government regulated office.

    這是一個... ...它是一個政府監管的辦公室。

  • So these numbers, you can look up right now on their website if you want to find out more about them.


These are the numbers that are being thrown at us constantly.



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