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  • So... Did you see the new trailer?

    所以..你看了最新的預告 ?

  • Yes! Who didn't?!

    看了 ! 無人不看吧 !

  • It's like SUPER viral!


  • I know right!


  • Pretty popular huh!


  • It is!

    對啊 !

  • There's so much mystery to it!


  • Uh huh.

    嗯 嗯..

  • And dark!


  • Yep!

    對啊 !

  • Like what's gonna happen?

    故事之後會怎樣發展 ?

  • I know. They're not giving very much away.

    對啊 ! 他們都不透露太多劇情

  • And when they showed Rey on the side of that cliff just swinging that lightsaber...

    接著 芮出現在懸崖的一邊 揮舞著激光劍...

  • Oh you're talking about...

    噢 ..你說的是這件事...

  • I was like, "Get it girl!"

    我在想 "加油 芮

  • ... star wars ...


  • You learn those force powers.


  • ...again...


  • And the tragic Star Wars theme with the title card!

    然後悲哀的主題曲 再加上大大的標題 !

  • When Luke says, "It's time for the Jedi to end"

    當路克說 "是時候讓絕地完結..."

  • OH! So powerful!

    噢 !! 這句充滿力量 !!

  • *sigh*

    * 唉 *

  • What!?

    甚麼 !?

  • I'm not talking about the Star Wars trailer!

    我不是在說 星球大戰的預告 !!

  • I'm talking about our trailer!

    而是 "我們"的預告 !!

  • Again!

    我們第二個預告 !

  • Oh.


  • You mean the Justice League trailer?

    你指是 正義聯盟的預告 ?

  • What other trailer do you think I'm talking about when I say our trailer?!

    你還可以想到其他的 ?? 當我指明 是"我們"的預告

  • Well I wasn't in that trailer so I wasn't sure you meant we as in You and I...

    那段預告 我一直都沒有出現

  • Or we like the royal WE, man!

    所以我都不肯定 只有"我們2人"

  • Hey, Lebowski!

    還是 "我們這一群英雄" 天啊 !!

  • I'm talking about the justice league trailer.


  • What did you think?

    我當然指 正義聯盟

  • I thought it was fine!

    你覺得怎樣 ?

  • I mean Aquaman making car surfing look cool is probably not the greatest thing to teach kids but...

    對於我 一般般吧

  • I'm really way more concerned about what's gonna happen to Rey.

    儘管海王在車上衝浪 看上來很帥氣

  • Rey?


  • What about the League, dude!

    我反而更擔心芮 之後會發生甚麼事...

  • What's gonna happen to them?

    芮 ?

  • Probably nothing. This is your first team up.

    嘿 ! 那正義聯盟呢 ?

  • Do you think Rey is the last jedi or is Luke?

    他們會怎樣 ??

  • *sigh*


  • And does he mean like the WAY of the jedi must end?


  • Or that there can't be ANY more jedi EVER.

    你猜最後的絕地 是芮 或是路克 ?

  • Or is it like if you wanted... you could study the force...

    * 唉 *

  • and carry a lightsaber...

    而路克指 "必須制止絕地目前的方向 ?"

  • You just can't call yourself a jedi.

    還是 "今後不能 出現任何的絕地 ?"

  • You sound like such a dork right now.

    如果 你願意學習原力...

  • I'm a dork?!


  • Hey. Raise your hand if you're wearing your normal clothes...


  • Or if you are wearing a costume resembling a winged mammal.

    聽上去 你現在很黑化

  • Oh what do you know! I'm dressed like a bat BECAUSE i'm Batman!

    我 黑 化 ?!

  • So these ARE my normal clothes.

    嘿..如果衣著正常的 請高舉你手 ~

  • In your face. You're still a dork.

    或者打扮似 有翼的哺乳類動物 ?

  • I'm sorry I have so many questions!

    打扮像蝙蝠... 因為我是蝙蝠俠 !

  • Do you think Rey will turn to the darkside?


  • No.

    無話可說吧... 你還是黑化了...

  • Do you think we'll fight Darkseid?

    抱歉 我有這麼多的疑問 !

  • No I think you're gonna fight Me and my Mullet.

    芮 她會不會去邪惡一邊 ?

  • Do you think Ben Solo is gonna turn good?


  • You mean Kylo Ren?

    你猜猜我們會否黑化 互相打架 ?

  • NO! Ben Solo!

    不會 我認為你只會跟我打

  • I really doubt that's the path they're gonna take on this one.

    Ben Solo會不會做回好人 ?

  • Do you think Rey is related to Ben Kenobi?

    你指Kylo Ren ? (黑化後 改新名~)

  • Possibly.

    不是 我指Ben Solo

  • Do you think we're gonna knock down a bunch of buildings again?


  • Of course!

    芮 會不會跟 班·肯諾比有親戚關係 ?

  • Do you think there will be a ghost OB-1 scene?


  • I don't care.

    你猜猜 我們會否錯手破壞無數的大樓 ?

  • A ghost Yoda scene?!

    當然會 !

  • I don't care.

    OB-1 機械人的鬼魂 會出現 ?

  • Ghost ANAKIN?!?


  • I really doubt they'd be that brave.

    會出現尤達的鬼魂 ?

  • Do you think that engagement ring you gave Lois is the reason she's "the key"?


  • Yes. It better be.

    安納金·天行者 的鬼魂 ?

  • Otherwise that whole thing is just silly.

    我恐怕人們會不敢面對 (安納金·天行者 = Darth Vader)

  • I know! Saying you guys are in love is laughable.

    你猜猜 你給路易絲的訂婚戒指 是不是整件事的關鍵 ?

  • Dude! We flooded a bathtub!

    對 最好是

  • And?


  • I really hope Rey is a Kenobi.

    我明白 ! 就像別人笑 你和露易絲真的相愛一樣

  • Rey Kenobi sounds so cool!

    認真 ? 我們有在浴缸上調情 !

  • I am Rey Kenobi!

    之後呢 ?

  • And I'm a Jedi like my grandfather before me!

    我真心希望 芮 跟 肯諾比是一家人

  • Shwooom showooom shwooom!

    芮.肯諾比 聽上去好酷 !!

  • Why can't Rey have her own last name?


  • Why does she have to be linked to the original cast?

    我像祖父一樣 亦是一位絕地 !

  • I bet Rey is supposed to be different.


  • I bet she's her own thing.

    為甚麼 芮 不能有其他的姓氏 ?

  • *gasp* Like David Pumpkins!

    為甚麼她一定要跟主要角色有關係 ?

  • Exactly.


  • Rey Pumpkins!


  • She's her own thang!


  • And the droids are...

    好像David Pumpkins (由飾演湯漢斯 , 於SNL播放)

  • Part of it! Part of it!


  • huh. David Pumpkins is Rey's father.

    芮.Pumpkins !

  • I think really you should be asking who is her mother.

    她可以靠這個 !!

  • Do you think her mother's name is Martha?

    那些機械人 都 ... (指BB-8 ?)

  • Stop it.

    有參與整件事 !! 有參與整件事 !!

  • Also, I thought you didn't care.


  • I don't!

    David Pumpkins是芮的父親

  • I think it's gonna be Empire Strikes Back all over again except with a new cast.

    你可以認真去想 誰是她的母親...

  • Well I hope you're wrong!

    她母親名字會是 瑪花 嗎 ?

  • Sort of.


  • I do want her to get her hand cut off, which is a weird thing to wish on someone...

    加上 我認為你從不理會這些劇情

  • But I hope it's not a carbon copy of empire.

    我不理 !

  • Well get ready to be disappointed.

    我猜 第一軍團會捲土重來

  • You get ready! ... to be stupid!


  • What?

    我希望你是搞錯 !

  • Because I probably WONT be disappointed even if it is just like Empire.


  • How does that make me stupid?

    實際上 我希望她的手被切斷 我知道這個想法很怪...

  • It just does!


  • Can we just talk about the Justice League trailer now?

    你準備失望吧 !

  • Nope!

    你準備...出洋相吧 !

  • Because I'm not in that trailer, so that trailer sucks.

    甚麼 ?

  • Well by that definition that would mean The Last Jedi trailer sucks.

    因為 我有可能不會失望..

  • Oh no! Dang it. he he he

    即使跟上集一樣劇情 再出現第一軍團 (超人前言不對後話?)

  • That's not what I meant.

    這樣..這樣怎令到我出洋相 ?

  • Too late! You said it!


  • You think Star Wars sucks.

    不如說回正義聯盟的預告 ?

  • I do not!

    不 !

  • Yes you do! I figured it out, because I'm Batman!


  • Dang it!

    所以那個 預 告 很 差 !!

So... Did you see the new trailer?

所以..你看了最新的預告 ?


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