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  • hey there Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question you have a

    嘿,Jennifer來自Tarle Speech,你的發音問題,你有一個。

  • long question today that's rather complex I'm gonna cheat and look at my


  • notes we have adept to be proficient adapt to adjust and adopt to follow an


  • idea or to make another child your own through the legal means the heart of


  • this whole thing is going to be we're going to focus on two syllables syllable

    這整個事情將是 我們將專注於兩個音節音節。

  • number one which we're going to talk about now is going to be that short


  • unstressed schwa sound the short uh a schwa syllable or a schwa sound in


  • general is going to be very short very relaxed and softer and lower in pitch


  • than the other syllables and sounds in this word so we're going to start each


  • of these words with the uh next we're going to move to the dept in adept now I


  • think the confusion with these vowels is that they all are very similar looking


  • with the mouth and your tongue is in a very similar position the tip of the


  • tongue is going to be in the bottom of the mouth for these vowels with the back


  • of the tongue pulled up so how do you know what to do how do you make them

    舌頭拉起來,所以你怎麼知道該怎麼做 你怎麼讓他們的

  • different focus on your lips that's the easiest way to get your tongue to the


  • right position for the vowels there's a lot less to think about so for the adept


  • we are going to do that short e sound that eh sound think about your mouth

    我們要做的是,短E的聲音,誒的聲音 想想你的嘴。

  • being in a flat oval like that that's going to get your tongue in the right


  • spot a dept and then after you say the vowel quickly close your lips for the P


  • and then open them while you touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your


  • top front teeth for that T adept adept adept now we have adapt and to make this


  • sound what we are going to do is we are going to open our mouth in a wide circle


  • for the ah sound and again you can see my tongue is low the tip of my tongue is


  • low the back of my tongue is pulled up but by opening my mouth in that wide circle


  • it gets my tongue in the right spot for the a dapt adapt adapt adapt now for the

    它讓我的舌頭在正確的地方為A DAPT適應適應現在的。

  • adopt we're going to think about making our mouth in a wide oval that is


  • vertical so we have a horizontal oval here and then a vertical oval for the


  • sound and we have adopt adopt adopt now you are correct if you're saying but


  • Jennifer you don't move your mouth all that much and that's because I am very

    珍妮弗,你的嘴不怎麼動,那是因為我很... ...

  • adept at using these sounds because I've been using them all my life but take


  • your time practice slowly and then it'll all come together so let's give these


  • all a try from top to bottom we have adept adapt and adopt adopt adapt adept


  • adept adapt adopt adopt adapt adept now let me look at my sentence so I don't

    善於改編,善於改編,善於改編 現在讓我看看我的句子,這樣我就不會... ...

  • get any mean comments from you all right so I have if you want to adopt you must


  • be adept at parenting and willing to adapt to new situations if you want to


  • adopt you must be adept at parenting and be willing to adapt to new situations


  • give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this

    試試吧 我知道大家會注意到不同的地方,如果你發現了這一點

  • helpful we'd love a like a share to subscribe we love to hear from you even


  • though you complain about my sentences please keep that coming because it makes


  • me better and if you were looking for more help please check out my products


  • on google play itunes and my classes at tarle speech


  • thanks so much hope you have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you soon


hey there Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question you have a

嘿,Jennifer來自Tarle Speech,你的發音問題,你有一個。


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如何發音ADEPT, ADAPT, ADOPT - 美式英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce ADEPT, ADAPT, ADOPT - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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