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  • sure medical school is competitive, but so are other professional schools, like physician, assistant, veterinarian, nurse, practitioner, law school, business school and others.


  • But how do they compare to one another and which is most competitive?


  • Let's find out Dr Goofball medical insiders dot com.


  • I got the idea for this video from a viewer.


  • If you'd like to suggest a future video topic, leave a comment down below to assess how competitive a training path is.


  • Well, look at a few matriculate factors.


  • Average G P, a average percentile in standardized tests and overall acceptance rate.

    平均G P,標準化測試的平均百分位數和總體錄取率。

  • No single factor in isolation tells a full story, which is why we're looking at multiple components.


  • In the United States, there are two distinct pathways and degrees to become a physician.


  • The M D or al empathic path is more common and likely the one you're more familiar with.

    M D或al empathic路徑比較常見,也可能是你比較熟悉的那條。

  • But the D.


  • A path where you train in Osteo Pathak medicine is also a valid option.


  • I cover the differences between al empathic and osteopathic medical school paths in a previous video, including the pros and cons of each.

    我在之前的視頻中介紹了al empathic和骨科醫學院路徑之間的差異,包括每個人的優點和缺點。

  • In terms of competitiveness, Al empathic medical school is substantially more competitive than Osteopathic Medical School, MD.


  • Matricula INS have an average undergraduate, G.

    Matricula INS有一個平均的大學,G。

  • P.


  • A of 3.7 and M Cat of 5 11 which is an 88th percentile score.

    A為3.7分,M貓為5 11分,是88分。

  • Dio meticulous, on the other hand, have an average G P.

    迪奧細緻,另一方面,有一個平均的G P。

  • A of 3.5 and an average M cat of 503 which is a 61st percentile score.


  • Last year, 53,342 applied to M D schools and 28,869 students matriculated, meaning 40.9% of those who applied were accepted by a medical school.


  • The average applicant applies to 15 to 20 schools.


  • Note that some schools have incredibly low acceptance rates, some even below 2%.


  • The majority of doctors in the US go through the M D path, and since 2017 women have been the majority of matriculating classes each year, averaging around 51% Dio classes have consistently had lower rates of women entering osteopathic medical schools.

    美國的醫生大多走M D之路,自2017年起,每年的預科班中女性佔多數,平均約51%的迪奧班女性進入骨科醫學院的比例一直較低。

  • And while it has consistently risen in recent years just as telepathic medical schools, most recently women constituted 49% of first year enrollees in the U.


  • S there's a strong push to increase female representation in the field of medicine.


  • However, in other countries such as the UK, some argue that there are too many female medical graduates.


  • In this 2000 and eight article, Brian McKinstry argues, too many female graduates are bad for medicine, just as too many male ones have been in the past, the number of men and women entering medical school should roughly reflect the numbers in society.


  • The case for this is simply on grounds of equal opportunity.


  • While an interesting read, he doesn't understand the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome, which is a dangerous, albeit common, mistake.


  • But that's not the topic of this video.


  • If you're interested in pharmacy school, there's good news.


  • Acceptance rates are steadily rising year after year, with an overall acceptance rate of 82.7% in 2000 and 18.


  • At the same time, the average composite P cat score of accepted applicants has steadily been declining down to the 59th percentile.


  • The average undergraduate G P.

    大學生平均G P。

  • A.


  • For accepted students is 3.3, and some are now saying that it is quote dangerously easy to get into pharmacy school.


  • But why is that?


  • It seems that the growth rate of pharmacy jobs has not kept up with the growth in number of pharmacy students graduating each year.


  • As a result, there's a supply and demand issue, with many pharmacists finding it difficult to secure a job, and fewer are now interested in pursuing the field.


  • In terms of gender mix, pharmacy enrollment has been majority female, with 55 to 60% of women accounting for entering classes for the last several years.


  • Unlike pharmacy school, dental school is becoming slightly more competitive with time, not less.


  • The average dental school matriculate has a G P A of 3.5 and a composite d A T score up to 20 which is around the 75th percentile.

    牙科學校預科生的平均G P A為3.5,綜合d A T分數高達20分,約為75%。

  • Of all the students that apply to dental school, approximately 50% matriculate.


  • So why is dental school becoming more competitive?


  • But simply more people are applying to dental school, which is the result of a variety of factors.


  • Dentistry has a favorable work life balance, more autonomy than pharmacy and P and P, A paths and a shorter training period of four years, compared to four plus 3 to 7 years for medical school.


  • Some say that dentistry, being more widespread on social media, is also contributing to increase interest in terms of gender.


  • Split dental school is close to 50 50 with 50.7% of meticulous in last year cycle women and 49.7% the year before that.

    分開的牙學院接近50 50,去年週期內有50.7%的細緻女,前年有49.7%。

  • There are Onley 30 accredited veterinary schools in the US, meaning the supply of open seats is quite limited.


  • However, the number of people wanting to become a veterinarian is also much lower, in large part due to an unfavorable debt to income ratio.


  • Lots of debt but not lots of income.


  • Therefore, lower demand and lower competition to get into vet school.


  • Most recent numbers point to around 7000 applicants for around 4000 seats, yielding an overall acceptance rate of 58.2%.


  • In terms of stats, the average matriculate has a G, P.


  • A of 3.5 and g R E performance as follows 50th percentile in writing, 60th percentile and quantitative and 72nd percentile in verbal.


  • The overwhelming majority of veterinary students are women, with most recent classes around 82% similar to medical school.


  • However, your application requires much more than just numbers.


  • Extracurriculars such as research, volunteer and clinical experience are highly recommended to be seriously considered by schools.


  • The numbers to get into P a school seem daunting at first, and I've had students tell me that getting into P a school is Mawr competitive than getting into medical school.

    進入P a學校的數字一開始似乎令人望而生畏,我也有學生告訴我,進入P a學校比進入醫學院競爭激烈。

  • It's easy to see why.


  • Of the close to 27,000 applicants that applied on Lee, about 9000 got accepted to a school yielding 33% of applicants obtaining a seat that's lower than the 40% for medical school in the U.


  • S.


  • But that's obviously not painting a complete picture.


  • Don't be discouraged.


  • It's definitely attainable and less competitive than medical school.


  • The average G p A for P a meticulous is 3.5, and in terms of G r E performance, they score on average in the 42nd percentile on math, 53rd percentile on verbal and 54th percentile on analytical.

    P一絲不苟的平均G p A為3.5,在G r E成績方面,他們的數學成績平均在42位,言語成績平均在53位,分析成績平均在54位。

  • The field is female dominated, with women accounting for close to three quarters of first year P.


  • A student's NP schools usually requires some nursing experience, the minimum for many programs is 1 to 2 years, but some don't require any previous nursing experience.


  • Regardless, G p A isn't highlighted.

    不管怎樣,G p A並沒有突出。

  • Minimum G P A cut offs are around three point.

    最低G P A的分界線是三點左右。

  • Oh, but this isn't a hard rule.


  • Middle Tennessee State University, for example, is reported to generally accept applicants with a G P A of 2.9 or greater.

    據報道,以中田納西州立大學為例,該校一般接受G P A在2.9以上的申請人。

  • There isn't a centralized source for data, but the key in getting into MP school is work experience.


  • Grades are of secondary importance, and extracurriculars are even less important.


  • The MP path is most heavily female, skewed of all these paths with fewer than 15% men.


  • Law school admissions is more dependent based on the tier of law school you're looking at.


  • Over the past few years, between 61 to 66% of applicants were accepted to a law school with an average G P A of 3.4 and L sat score in the 63rd to 67th percentile.

    過去幾年,61%至66%的申請者被法學院錄取,平均G P A為3.4,L sat成績在63%至67%之間。

  • Some top 10 law schools have average GPS of 3.7.


  • Mid tier programs are around 3.4, and other schools even have average GPS of 2.9.


  • Historically, there have been more men than women entering law school, but since 2000 and 15 entering classes arm or heavily female between 51 53% depending on the year.

    從歷史上看,有更多的男性比女性進入法學院,但自2000年和15進入班級手臂或重度女性之間51 53%,取決於今年。

  • Despite some law schools moving toward Mawr Holistic Application Review processes, there's still a heavy emphasis on G P A and L sat score in determining your competitiveness, as schools want to make sure you can excel academically in a challenging environment.

    儘管一些法學院轉向Mawr整體申請審核流程,但在決定你的競爭力時,仍然非常強調G P A和L sat分數,因為學校希望確保你能在充滿挑戰的環境中取得優異的學術成績。

  • Extracurriculars, which certainly have their place, particularly at some institutions, have less relevance compared to something like medical school.


  • Business school where you earn an MBA is a different animal from the rest.


  • According to my colleagues who have gone to be school, You want to be at a Top 10 program for your degree to be most meaningful to your career advancement.


  • In comparison, medical school ranking is somewhat important, but much less so.


  • For this reason.


  • Business school also has a widespread in competitiveness similar tow law school.


  • There are two main factors contributing to business school competitiveness.


  • First, there's a limited number of seats at highly desirable institutions in the business school circles.


  • They point to the M seven schools as those with the greatest prestige and benefit to your resume.


  • Second, there's a low barrier to entry, as there are fewer requirements to apply to business school.


  • The average G Matt score for business school, meticulous at top 50 schools is 703 translating to an 80th percentile on the test for Top 20 schools.

    商學院的G Matt平均分,前50名學校的細緻是703分,翻譯成Top 20學校的80分,是測試的第80位。

  • The average G P A is 3.5, but some top institutions like Harvard and Stanford have average GPS of 3.7.

    平均G P A為3.5,但一些頂尖院校如哈佛、斯坦福的平均GPS為3.7。

  • But just like medical school, it's much more than just test scores.


  • Business schools care about work and leadership experience your essays and letters of recommendation at top institutions.


  • They want to see applicants with a track record of high performance and impact who can add value and bring diversity to a well rounded class.


  • Over the years, I've had individuals on these various health care paths tell me their paths are alm or competitive than medical school, despite me never asking them.


  • Initially, I thought this was strange, but it makes sense.


  • It's not uncommon for egos to be deeply intertwined with one's professional work, But remember whether or not your graduate school path is mawr or less competitive than something else doesn't make you worth Mawr or less as a person.


  • And plus, we're all on the same team trying to help our patients.


  • Based on the current data, medical school is the most competitive of all listed professional schools.


  • But I anticipate medical school will decrease in competitiveness at some point in the coming years.


  • As I have spoken about in some previous videos, many are drawn to medicine for reasons that are not in line with reality, and rates for burnout and depression are at all time highs.


  • However, as the public perception of medicine catches up to reality, there will be fewer people applying to medical school, driving down competition, tomb or reasonable levels.


  • If you enjoy this video, you'll like my video called Should medical school be this competitive, much love and I'll see you guys in that next one?


sure medical school is competitive, but so are other professional schools, like physician, assistant, veterinarian, nurse, practitioner, law school, business school and others.



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