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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


  • today's question is a rather long one I have a lot of words for you so I'm going


  • to skip the definitions because we want to jump right into the lesson and the


  • lesson today is about two things the long e versus the short i sound and the

    今天的課程是關於兩件事 長e與短i音和

  • N nnn versus the m mmm sound at the end of

    N nnn與末尾的m mmm音。

  • words so let's look at the word list that we have for today we have the word scene


  • and seen and sin seem and seam and sim which is short for simulation so let's

    and seen and sin seem and seam and sim是模擬的縮寫,所以我們就...

  • look first at the ending sounds the M versus the n this gets super confusing


  • for my students because in many languages the n sound is the only


  • sound that can end a word that is a nasal which means the sound is coming


  • out of your nose you do have nasals in many other languages like the M sound


  • but typically that sound comes at the beginning of a word so my students get


  • really confused with this ending so for the n sound the air is going to come


  • out of your nose and you are going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back


  • of your top front teeth nnn nnn nnn for the M sound mmm your lips are just

    你的上顎牙齒nnnn nnn nnn為M的聲音mmm你的嘴脣只是

  • going to be closed and the air is going to come out of your mouth so again the


  • difference is nnnn vs. mmm mmm easy breezy right now for the long e versus


  • the short I sound for the long e your tongue is going to be high in your mouth


  • and flat it's going to be behind your top teeth e your lips are going to be in


  • a smile and they're going to be tense E e then for the ih sound which is a

    一個微笑,他們將是緊張的E E然後為ih的聲音,這是一個。

  • little bit less tense your mouth is going to be relaxed and your


  • lips are going to then just relax and pull in a bitso we have e-ih -e-ih -e-ih you can

    嘴脣要放鬆,然後拉在位 所以我們有e-ih-e-ih-e-ih,你可以。

  • see that difference tense versus relaxed really pulled back only versus slightly


  • pulled back the tongue will go from E way at the top way up here to ih e Ih e ih I like

    舌頭拉回來會從E路在上邊往上走,到我喜歡的Ih eh ih

  • to tell my students don't really think about moving your tongue think about


  • moving your lips in your mouth and that really is going to help your tongue get


  • into the right spot so think about those lips e ih e ih so again let's remember the N nnn

    所以想想那些嘴脣... ...所以再次讓我們記住Nnnnn

  • and the M mmm okay let's put it all together we're gonna start these words

    和M 嗯 好吧,讓我們把它放在一起 我們要開始這些詞

  • it's just the S sound super easy breezy just tongue is either behind the top of


  • your teeth or pointed down into the bottom of your mouth


  • don't touch anything and just let that air move out of your mouth ssss so for the


  • first two words we have seen seen seen sin sin sin seem sin and then for


  • seam seam seam Sim Sim Sim let's try it backwards sim seam sin seen seen sin

    縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫 縫

  • seam sim so give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if


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hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question



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A2 初級 中文 罪過 舌頭 嘴脣 放鬆 空氣 觸摸

如何給 "SEEM SEAM SIM SCENE SEEN SIN "發音 - 長E, 短i, M, N - 英語發音。 (How to Pronounce SEEM SEAM SIM SCENE SEEN SIN - Long E, Short i, M, N - English Pronunciation)

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