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  • Hello everybody and welcome to

  • and I have a brand new question from Kevin from China

  • so let's take a listen

  • Hello Kevin and Hello China!

  • Kevin, I can see you're really "gung ho" about boosting your English

  • through understanding how native speakers of English really talk

  • You and so many others want to know how native speakers link words together

  • when they're talking naturally

  • Obviously, as in any language, we change our pronunciation

  • according to how formal or informal the situation is

  • So let’s take a look at our first example

  • Now straight out of an English course book

  • you probably learned to say that question in its complete form

  • OK, no problem! Then you start to see people using contractions

  • then you hear people talk fast in a Hollywood movie

  • a conversation between close friends

  • and suddenly you find yourself listening to an entirely DIFFERENT kind of English

  • Yes it’s that informal and fast spoken English you can hear in American movies and TV series

  • To help you understand how this fast English is spoken

  • I am going to use my new Ragdoll kitten Sapphire to illustrate my examples

  • I’m workin'

  • Nooo, not unless you wanna teach people how to meow!

  • yummy, yummy,

  • human food!

  • pizza

  • Noooooo! Youre a cat!

  • yeah! yummy, yummy!

  • and this is human food

  • pizza

  • and you already ate 4 times today

  • I'm going to the supermarket

  • no Sapphire, they don't allow cats in the supermarket

  • I gotta go now, can you get outta the way?

  • wait for me!!!!!!!!!!

  • So slowly

  • faster

  • and then really fast

  • Say it with me

  • we'll break it down

  • faster

  • faster

  • faster

  • good job!

  • The second one here is

  • when we say this quickly, the question becomes almost unrecognizable

  • give me becomes gimme

  • of becomes o’

  • and that loses the “t” and become tha(t)

  • So slowy

  • faster

  • faster

  • better

  • getting better

  • (it) really rolls off your tongue and that's why we use it

  • we also have the classic

  • faster

  • and then really fast

  • Now, Ken from China, you had requested I answer your question

  • about how to saykeep an eye on himreally fast and naturally

  • I’m going to do that, but since Sapphire is a female

  • I am changing it to

  • You see any time I go out

  • Sapphire always manages to run out, she darts right out into the hallway

  • I have to keep an eye on her

  • So split the words in blocks to get the fast pronunciation here

  • and slowly link the 3 words together

  • got it?

  • Well Kevin and everybody out there watching my lesson

  • I hope I’ve helped you today with how native speakers talk fast

  • and I want to thank my little kitty for helping me out

  • watchyadoin'?

  • I’m saying goodbye

  • ahhh!

  • yeah, say goodbye!

  • I wanna pizza!

  • Goodbye!

Hello everybody and welcome to


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