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  • Once upon a time when I started my career, I sat down at the end of the year and my tax

  • returns were $14,400.

  • 12 years later, I sat down, did my tax returns and my tax returns were $1,440,000.

  • I'd increased my income by 100 times in 12 years.

  • And I went back and I started to look at that and I realised that I'd used a formula

  • which I gradually articulated into what I call the 1000% formula.

  • And it's very simple, it's based on the law of incremental improvement.

  • Japanese call it the Kaizen principle, the principle of continuous betterment.

  • It's getting a little bit better every day.

  • So I asked the question if you could increase your productivity performance

  • and output by 1/10th of 1% per day, could you do that?

  • Could you increase your productivity performance and output by 1/1000th in a day?

  • And the answer is of course.

  • If you were the tiniest bit more efficient or you worked a little bit harder on a more

  • important task, you could become a 10th of a percent better

  • in a day.

  • Well, if you did that every single day for a week,

  • you would be 1/10th of 1% times five,

  • you'd be one half of 1% more productive in a week,

  • is that possible?

  • Of course, you would say.

  • Anybody can become that small amount more productive.

  • So I said, if you did that every week for four weeks,

  • you'd be 2% more productive over the course of a month.

  • If you did that every day for 13 four week months in a year,

  • 52 weeks, you would be 26% more productive, is that

  • possible?

  • And the answer is yes because there is a thing at success called the momentum principle.

  • That means that once you start going, it becomes easier and easier to keep going

  • and to go faster and faster.

  • So, once you become 26% more productive in the course of a year,

  • your overall output, your results, your income will go up by 26%,

  • what happens is you start to get into the swing of it.

  • You start to be more effective, more efficient, you get more things done,

  • you start earlier, you work harder, you stay later, you set better priorities

  • and so on.

  • So, if you do this 26

  • you will be 1004

  • And what I did personally, is I used it once and increased my income

  • 10 times and then I used it again and increased my

  • income 10 times more, 100 times in 12 years and so can you.

  • And here's what it consists of, it's very simply this.

  • Each morning, get up, first thing, at least two hours before

  • you have to be somewhere, so you can invest the first hour, what we

  • call the golden hour into yourself.

  • And you invest the golden hour by reading something that is

  • uplifting, educational, motivational, spiritual, it doesn't matter.

  • But they say, "reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body."

  • Instead of reading newspapers or magazines or watching television,

  • what you do is you just read something that is uplifting.

  • If you're in sales, read something in selling.

  • If you're in spiritually oriented, read something spiritual.

  • If you want motivation, read something motivational, but read one hour every morning.

  • That will thoroughly prepare your mind for the rest of the day.

  • One of the great speakers said that the first hour is the rudder

  • of the day, it's called the golden hour.

  • So you invest the golden hour in yourself.

  • And just like if you got up in the morning and worked out for an hour,

  • you'd be feeling great all day long, if you get up in the morning and read for

  • an hour, you'll be feeling mentally great all day long.

Once upon a time when I started my career, I sat down at the end of the year and my tax


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