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  • I'm gonna be honest. I don't plan every single language learning moment of my life

  • There are some times where I feel like I need some more structure in order to progress and offense

  • This is how to schedule my languages right now

  • So this is how I plan my languages in a more structured way, when I need any structure to progress or when I'm so busy

  • That if I don't schedule it in I'm not gonna do it

  • first of all goals

  • You have to have a clear intention of what it is that you want to achieve and I talked about

  • how to set goals in this video

  • I think a few weeks ago.

  • so you can go check that out and see how do I set my goals in order to achieve them

  • Then the second thing I think about is resources

  • I pick resources that will help me achieve that goal and that fit easily in my schedule and that I also enjoy

  • Resources can really make or break your routine

  • If you have the wrong resources, you're not gonna be motivated to use that

  • if they are good, but they take too much of your time

  • You're not gonna make the time to use them

  • So you have to find that resource that fits great with your routine

  • You also want the resources that keep you excited and that you wanna go back to

  • But you also want resources that adapt your level, so they're not too difficult or too easy for you

  • And before I set my weekly routine, I love to think about some habits I can incorporate.

  • for example, one habit that I have created

  • I use my language learning apps while I drink coffee

  • it's a nice way to wake up my brain in the morning

  • and just get me started for the day

  • so having habits in your target language are gonna be super helpful for you because it means that

  • no matter how much your life changes you're still gonna do it because you're used to doing it and I talked about this deeper into

  • My free course it's in the description

  • And now let's go to the nitty-gritty and probably the reason why you're really here, which is the weekly plan

  • Now it's time to include all that we talked about before into or daily life

  • The first thing that I check is if I have any lessons already planned and I also go in to meet up and check if there

  • Are any good events that I could go to so I first set all of that in my calendar

  • then I asked my self what's the dynamic that I want with the languages that

  • I'm learning. So right now I am learning Portuguese and German

  • So do I want to learn like Portuguese one day and then the next day I'm gonna learn Portuguese

  • I'm learning German like three days and three days Portuguese

  • So there are a lot of ways that you can do this from now. I'm using that every other day "strategy"

  • I will learn it say today Portuguese tomorrow German then Portuguese and German and so on and so on. So that's basically how

  • I plan my week so I will put it all in this weekly schedule that I have

  • So the next thing that I do is that I add the languages that I am maintaining

  • So right now I am maintaining Dutch and Italian

  • So what I do is that I add time timeframes where I would like to maintain this language

  • so either if it is that I'm going to meet up once a week or

  • Reading a book. So I will only have these activities like

  • Once a week, so once all of that is done. I add it up to my Google Calendar

  • I have everything from work in there

  • So that's the one I look the most so that's why I put it over there. So now you know how to plan your language

  • I mean at least you know how to do it the way that I do it and if you want to dive deeper into this

  • topic I have a

  • Program it's free

  • It's like five lessons where you can learn how to like set the foundations to learn a language any language will

  • work with this

  • I'm terrible at it. Promoting like myself. I know it's so weird if you're interested in that, the link is in the description.

  • Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye. Bye

I'm gonna be honest. I don't plan every single language learning moment of my life


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如何制定語文學習常規(行之有效的學習計劃)? (How to create a language learning routine (study plan that works))

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