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  • -Shortly before midnight,

  • police arrived at Hong Kong Airport

  • to help evacuate a Chinese man

  • who was seized and surrounded by protestors

  • who accused him of being an undercover

  • Chinese police officer.

  • As the police retreated from the airport,

  • protestors followed them outside and kicked

  • and surrounded and hurled water bottles.

  • Riot police then charged in with pepper spray

  • and swinging batons but soon retreated

  • without taking control of the airport.

  • Many protestors eventually left a few hours after midnight,

  • and the airport will likely be back

  • under authorities' control by the morning.

  • But more clashes are likely tomorrow.

  • Local media have reported that the police have obtained

  • an injunction to keep trespassers out,

  • and it's unclear how protestors will respond.

-Shortly before midnight,


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B2 中高級 美國腔

香港混亂的一天以更多暴力事件的幽靈結束。 (A chaotic day in Hong Kong ends with specter of more violence to come)

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