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  • Located in the Northeast of the country,

  • Seoraksan National Park

  • is one of the most popular natural tourist attractions in South Korea,

  • and the nearby city of Sokcho is the main point of departure.

  • At the entrance to the park, there is a Buddhist temple

  • and a large bronze statue of Buddha, where visitors often place offerings.

  • There are many easy walking paths in the park,

  • winding through forests and over rocky river beds,

  • and in autumn many trees put on a vivid display of colorful leaves.

  • Within the park, there are countless rocky ridges, sheer cliffs

  • and tree-covered mountains all around.

  • The modern enclosed gondola

  • gives visitors great views of the mountainside in comfort and safety,

  • and the views from the top of the mountain stretch for as far as the eye can see,

  • but be sure to bring a jacket as it can get very cold.

Located in the Northeast of the country,


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