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  • [People try ramen for the first time]

  • I have never had ramen before.

  • I didn't know until two days ago that there was such a thing as restaurant ramen.

  • Because I was vegetarian, I never had experience with ramen because it had animal byproducts in it.

  • I'm expecting, you know, slimy noodles and soup that's too salty.

  • I'm hopeful.

  • I'm a little bit nervous.

  • I've had Vietnamese pho.

  • I've had Thai boat noodles.

  • My name is Toshiro Tagami.

  • I am a store manager of LA Artisan Noodle.

  • I am very excited for you guys to try the ramen for the first time.

  • [Ramen was one of Japan's first industrialized foods, with a mechanized noodle-maker used by the late 1910s]

  • [By the 1970s in Japan, some were making ramen to be more artisanal]

  • Here we go ramen.

  • Thank you.

  • I think I smelled seaweed.

  • Yeah.

  • Gross.

  • This doesn't look anything like I was expecting.

  • It looks eclectic.

  • Hardy and eclectic.

  • (slurping)

  • (laughs)

  • I'm splashing all over myself.

  • But it's not a date food.

  • It's a little salty.

  • It's not too salty.

  • It tastes like chicken noodle soup.

  • It's like if gravy was like, mixed with the chicken broth and kinda watered down a little bit.

  • That is really good pork.

  • Pork isn't my favorite thing.

  • There's a slimy thing going on.

  • Juicy, it's salty, it's all the good stuff.

  • I've never seen a brown egg.

  • I don't think I've ever had a whole egg since I was probably a small child.

  • I'm a fan, I'm a fan of the egg.

  • Like, passable.

  • Actually, the aftertaste or whatever it is, it gets a little bit better as you eat it.

  • It's good, it's definitely growing on me.

  • I'm gonna have to order stuff that's not sushi when I go to Japanese places now.

  • Dude, the more I eat it, the better it is.

  • That's so weird.

  • This is like, if you added a Japanese twist to Thanksgiving.

  • Now by the end, especially with that egg,

  • I'm like, I'm a fan.

  • Instant ramen's got nothing on this.

  • This is like, legit.

  • But I'm not a full-blown believer.

  • I feel like I should have been introduced to this a long time ago.

  • College students should not be given the 45 cent plastic, red-wrapped, whatever that is.

  • This is what I want.

  • When it's raining, with a book, I want some ramen.

[People try ramen for the first time]


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人們第一次嘗試拉麵 (People Try Ramen For The First Time)

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