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  • No.


  • And what if I would ask like five of your friends?


  • What's what stands superpower like?


  • How are you able to do all this stuff?


  • What would they say?


  • Is that one thing about CLS?


  • Uh um I don't know, man, I guess, Ah, I guess I just do whatever it takes.


  • Like if I want something or have a goal.


  • Like I will just do whatever it takes your comfortable, like, no matter what.

    我只是做任何事情,它需要你的舒適, 喜歡,不管是什麼。

  • So you know, if it's gambling, I'm and I just put in, you know, crazy, crazy hours and just did whatever it took a study.


  • They re books and fucking talk to people.


  • I mean, I just I don't know.

    我的意思是,我只是... ...我不知道。

  • There's not too many things that are really like laser focus on, but, you know, I put seal training that category.


  • Um, and I felt like it did almost like whatever the fuck it to have any, You know, if they kick you out the cake gathers on too much.

    嗯,我覺得它幾乎沒有 像什麼他媽的它有任何, 你知道,如果他們踢你出去 蛋糕聚集在太多。

  • You could do about that.


  • But I didn't fucking quit, and I passed All my shit, as you know, was a good performer and whatever.

    但我沒有放棄,我通過了我所有的狗屎, 你知道,是一個很好的表演者和什麼的。

  • So there's some things in life that are out of control, but for the most part, everything that I've put my mind to have accomplished.


  • Um and so I just Ah, I'm just relentless, man.

    嗯,所以我只是... ...啊,我只是無情,男人。

  • Like, I just you know, just if I haven't objective and something that I want to accomplish, just go until it's done.

    就像,我只是... ...你知道,只是如果我沒有目標... ...和我想完成的事情,只是去,直到它的完成。

  • Um and that's what I'm gonna do with this company.


  • Just because it's my sole focus right now, Really?


  • I've got a few other things that I'm working on, but this is this is kind of my baby, you know, this is what I I believe is gonna be first real cannabis brand.

    我還有一些其他的事情正在做 但這是我的寶貝,你知道,這是我相信的 我相信這將是第一個真正的大麻品牌。

  • I don't think there's any other brand this kind of nipping at our heels or that has the global presence or recognition that we do.


  • So, um, we've been a little bit slow on our operations just because I don't want to put out the only way I see this failures, but putting out products that are subpar, and so I just won't do it like it's just more important for me to just wait and do it right.


  • Then it just kind of rushed to market with something this half ass.


  • So we've been a little bit slower than anticipated.


  • Um, but we haven't put out anything That's not, you know, super high.

    嗯,但我們還沒有推出任何東西 這不是,你知道,超級高。

  • And we won our first Vape pen won the Cannabis Cup.


  • You know, we just want cannabis cup for the best flower for a new gelato strain.


  • Um, so, you know, we're, you know, we're doing doing doing it right?

    嗯,所以,你知道,我們是,你知道,我們正在做 做它的權利?




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