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  • I got you a present.

  • That's the Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

  • And the string is me making my way back to you.

  • So just remember, the further away I get, I'm actually getting closer to being back to you.

  • The only thing I've ever known for sure in my life is that I wanted to be on the first mission to Mars.

  • It's only three years.

  • Okay, I guess I won't miss you then.

  • I'll be right back.

  • (Hindu) How you doing, Mumbai?

  • (Mandarin) -Mom is thinking about you. -I miss you so much.

  • Emma's 20 million miles from the people she loves.

  • She needs to know that her family's taken care of.

  • -I got it covered. -Do you?

  • Daddy!

  • They need me more than anyone, and I'm not there.

  • You think you're the only one haunted by the sacrifices you made to get here?

  • (unknown language) I'm sorry.

  • I can only imagine what you're going through up there.

  • Wait!

  • Houston, we have a situation.

  • -What happened? -She froze.

  • I didn't come here to fail.

  • I look that way.

  • You're looking in the wrong direction.

  • You have to trust me.

  • Trust must be earned, Commander.

  • We're all scared,

  • But it's about having faith in each other.

  • Whatever comes next, we can take it on together.

  • We haven't done anything nearly as dangerous as what we're about to do.

  • Mom, I love you. Why did you have to do this?

  • We will return home.

  • You're my reason.

  • My reason to hold on tight.

I got you a present.


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