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  • Gonna be tasting meat, for the first time in about 30 years.

  • I've been a vegetarian for about a year now. So I'm really just, completely turned off meat, so (sigh) I'm really nervous.

  • Comin' up to five years I would be vegetarian now I'd say. I fell off the wagon once or twice at the start, cause it's not easy. But yeah a good 5 years, I'm proud to say

  • Oh my god!

  • It's sausage, what, is that bacon around it, is it?

  • I've only ever had a barbecued (pause) vegetable so, (nervous laugh)

  • It's not as good as I remembered, I'm sorry (laughs)

  • oh my god...sorry...

  • I'll take one more (laugh) I won't I'm not touchin' it no

  • I just couldn't imaging swallowing it.

  • (sigh) No, god no (nervous laughs)

  • Gosh, even cutting this is hard

  • That's the one thing you never have to worry about with vegetables

  • I knew there was gonna be meat involved, but no,

  • I didn't even, but I wasn't even gonna allow myself to think what

  • kind of...meat

  • Jesus how do people do this?

  • *groans no*

  • Is that enough of a taste?

  • (nervous laugh) I can't do it

  • Just doesn't seem like food

  • So dipping the chicken in the blue cheese, is that cheating?

  • Okay, now that's as good as I remember

  • Strangely, out of all the meats chicken is the one that I really can't stand

  • even the thought of

  • oh my god...

  • even just the fact that you have to touch it your fingers

  • just, when I took a bite into it and I touched the bone, i was just...

  • (disgusted sounds) yeah, its the skin and the

  • mmmmm.....

  • I'm sorry

  • that is so good

  • This is definitely the worst so far

  • This is cow...

  • This should be easy because

  • well easier I think cause it's more processed

  • I can really just...

  • taste the meat by, compared to everything else with it, it's really, just need to spit it out

  • Old McDonald had a farm...

  • Oh my god, there's so much chewing and it's just...sorry

  • e, i, e, i...

  • I can feel the knife cutting into it and I'm like ughhh

  • Yeah, this is my memory of meat, that, you're just chewing and chewing and it's not going anywhere.

  • Veal? What is that?

  • Honestly with veal it's kinda the ethical thing that's why people don't eat it, but in terms of tasting...I can't imagine it's any different.

  • ugh, my stomach's turning even just thinking about biting into it.

  • I feel so guilty cause that's nice

  • it is like exactly nice

  • It just does nothing for me, the taste is just, really kind of bland

  • tissue-y

  • um, yeah it doesn't really taste of anything

  • The texture was much better than the steak

  • because it's a baby

  • Just I don't look at it as being food anymore like I really just look at as being, like, the flesh of an animal

  • I'm a lot more set, yeah, a lot more assertive and sure that

  • I'm...I'm vegetarian for life 100 percent

  • What did one vegetarian say to the other vegetarian?

  • we've got to stop meat-ing like this!

  • That's all I've got that's my only vegetarian joke

  • you're laughing!

  • Oh no! I have another one now, I actually do, I have another one

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

  • (off camera) why?

  • He was running from Colonel Sanders

Gonna be tasting meat, for the first time in about 30 years.


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素食者首次嘗試吃肉 (Vegans Try Meat For The First Time)

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