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  • All right! Here we go! Can you put it in the GPS, please?

  • How long does it say it's gonna take to get there?

  • Umm ... five and a half hours.

  • Five and a half hours?!

  • Yup.

  • We can make it in five.

  • Cold!

  • It's hot now!

  • You're wearing a jacket! Take it off!

  • I'm driving!

  • Here. Just give me your arm.

  • Come on!

  • Pull your elbow in!

  • I'm cold now.

  • Green.

  • Hey! My phone's only at, like, 20 percent!

  • Yeah but mine's at 19 so ... I win.

  • Green.

  • All right, look at this exit. We've got sandwiches or chicken. You want sandwiches or chicken?

  • I...I don't want a sandwich.

  • What about chicken?

  • We either gotta eat now or we gotta eat, like, 30 miles down cause this is the last exit for a while!

  • Ok, well then we'll just eat 30 miles down. What's the big deal?

  • Ugh, I'm so hungry!

  • Oh my gosh!

  • You wanna fry?

  • Yes please!

  • Hey! Hey! Slow down!

  • Green.

  • Hey put that down, you're gonna get motion sick again.

  • I feel fine.

  • I just need a second!

  • I have to pee.

  • Again?!

  • You just went, like, 30 minutes ago!

  • Green.

  • Hey.

  • Are we there yet?

  • No, can you open this for me?

  • Thank you.

  • (window rolling down)

  • What are you doing?

  • Just getting some air.

  • Kevin! Come on!

  • I think we're (going) past a paper mill or something.

  • Green.

  • I know!

  • Hey we're almost there! Five minutes!

  • Okay.

  • Really?

  • It was a pothole!

  • We're here!

  • Renasant Bank. The bank that understands you.

  • Learn more at

All right! Here we go! Can you put it in the GPS, please?


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A2 初級 美國腔

當情侶進行公路旅行 (When Couples go on Road Trips)

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