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  • This video is brought to you by Square space. In this video I'm going to share with you some shocking things about child birth in Japan.


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  • So i'm back with another video, this one a little bit different than what we usually do on this channel

    所以,我回來與另一個視頻,這一個有點不同 比我們通常做什麼在這個頻道上

  • But as a lot of you know, I recently had a baby boy


  • So I wanted to share this


  • Experience with you because it totally had me surprised about all the different things that I do here in Japan


  • Especially me coming from a western country the U.S., but in order for me to do that, I need to bring in some special guests.


  • Hey


  • Say hello to everyone


  • Konnichiwa


  • What's that? it's mic, oh, he's really into the mic right now

    那是什麼 這是麥克風,哦,他真的進入麥克風現在

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  • Yeah, yeah, give me a hug before you go.


  • He's a lip syrup today


  • All right


  • How is he good? Yeah


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  • Check out the discord community right there. So the first thing uh, that was really surprising about Japan

    去那邊的discord社區看看吧所以,第一件事,呃,這是真的 驚訝的日本。

  • Is painless birth and the fact is like in the U.S. they actually don't even call it painless part. They call it epidurals


  • Oh, okay. Yeah, but in Japan they call it painless painless birth. We call it: Mutsu Bunben

    哦,好吧。 - 是的,但在日本,他們稱之為無痛無痛分娩。是的,但在日本,他們稱之為無痛無痛分娩。我們叫它。Mutsu Bunben

  • in Japan. I was surprised that it's not very common here in Japan. I think from like statistics


  • It's about 5.3 % of all women giving birth in Japan use it


  • So it's very very low. I can count the girls who had a Mutsu Bun Ben, Yeah.


  • Most the girls use regular natural work a lot of the the doctors in the community say that childbirth and like


  • experiencing the pain is kind of like a natural part of becoming a mother so that they


  • want to like have the woman experience that also a lot of like doctors think that childbirth is not actually a


  • Like medical operation and they don't think that you should use medicine in order to give birth. It should be something natural


  • So that's why they don't have this painless birth. People in Japan,


  • Basically believe that having a pain will make you a mother and it's interesting because like since it's not really practiced here in Japan

    基本上相信,有一個痛苦會讓你成為一個母親,它是有趣的,因為像 因為它不是真正的實踐,在日本。

  • There's not a lot of like a lot of the hospitals you go to won't even offer it so I think in Tokyo alone

    並不是很多 像很多醫院都不提供 所以我想僅在東京就有

  • There's only about 56 hospitals or clinics that offer painless childbirth, right?


  • So it's like very very difficult and for us living like in the center of Tokyo. There was only about like five places


  • That we could go to like that. It was like in commuting distance. Yeah, like even like though all those five they don't all offer

    我們可以去這樣的。這就像在通勤距離。是啊,就像即使像所有這些五 他們不都提供了。

  • 24-hour service. Yeah for the Mutsu Bun Ben because there's like a limited number of doctor who does the "Masui"

    24小時服務。是的,對於睦文本來說,因為做 "正井 "的醫生數量有限。

  • Anesthesiologist. Yeah


  • Yes, they have a limited number of them


  • So they don't offer that at night or on weekend. If you have contractions


  • Yeah on either of those times. You're pretty much, you know screwed so


  • I had to choose the one that over 24 hours, which was just two for me. Oh, okay. Yeah since the hospital so those


  • Mutsu Bun Ben that are limited. Um, the beds are limited, right so you have to book it right when you find out that you're pregnant


  • So when we were like when was that like five weeks like right when you found out that you were pregnant?

    所以,當我們像 當是什麼時候像五週 像右 當你發現你懷孕了?

  • Yeah, I was pregnant and I had this like letter that says I'm pregnant. I had to make a phone call. I'm only five weeks

    是啊,我懷孕了,我有這個像信 說我懷孕了。我不得不打一個電話。我只有五個星期

  • To book the bed. I felt like it was like you applying to college or something where you're like


  • Well, I give are we gonna get in? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

    好吧,我給... ...我們要進去嗎?是啊,是啊。是啊,是啊。是啊,是啊。

  • Yeah, and then like I actually get rejected it's really really really competitive. Yeah

    是啊,然後像我實際上得到拒絕 它真的真的真的競爭。是啊,然後就像我真的被拒絕了,它真的真的很有競爭力。

  • Okay, so that's the first thing that was surprising another thing

    好吧,所以這是第一件事 這是令人驚訝的另一件事。

  • That's surprising. I think a lot of people were surprised also that are watching our vlog


  • You know on our Tokyo Zebra channel is that the stay is actually quite long


  • It's actually like about five to seven days on average here in Japan


  • Yeah, in my case. It was four days after giving birth one day before because it was the plan delivery


  • So you said six days five nights six days five nights

    所以你說六天五夜 六天五夜。

  • Yeah, so I was actually quite surprised with like the total length

    是啊,所以我其實很驚訝 與喜歡的總長度。

  • But then I was actually also kind of surprised at how much it really cost here in Japan. In the States,


  • It's actually quite expensive in some other western countries, but from what I hear like in other european countries, it's actually free.


  • Yeah, I think Canada is also free here in Japan


  • You actually end up paying about 500 000 to about a little over a million yen


  • Yep, but you also do get some government assistance, but that really depends on which wards you live in right?


  • Well, some wards offers like additional support like Shibuyaku and Minatoko as far as I know. Yeah, they offered


  • Jumanonijuman, so that's like a little bit extra


  • But like that's a rare case. I think in our case we ended up spending about childbirth itself... It was about

    但像這種情況很少。我想在我們的情況下,我們結束了 花費約分娩本身... ...這是關於

  • 1.1 million yen, and then we had about


  • 520 000 yen, from the government

    520 000日元,由政府提供

  • So roughly paid around 600 000 yen, which is like roughly around 5000 dollars to give childbirth


  • So for the six days, that's actually pretty good like they took care of you


  • and some of the things that were kind of interesting is like it's not actually your regular stay which also kind of

    和一些事情,是一種有趣的 是像它實際上不是你的常規的住宿,這也是一種。

  • Blew me away. Um, you also actually had a welcome pack, right? Oh, yeah


  • Yeah


  • When you book the stay or the bed, I got this little piece of paper


  • Basically tells you like so this is what we offer you like a gift bag and this is what you need to bring


  • So the things they offered are fast bassett hair dryer


  • breastfeeding pillow bath towels baby clothes diapers and wipes

    哺乳枕頭 浴巾 嬰兒服裝 尿布和溼巾

  • basically what you need to take care of the baby and just like live normally. It almost sounds like you're checking into a Hotel

    基本上你需要什麼 照顧寶寶,就像正常生活。這幾乎聽起來像 你檢查到一個酒店。

  • yeah, yeah, basically, yeah. Yeah, you actually don't really need to bring anything. In my case


  • Yeah, but our hospital was like kind of like a smaller like personal clinic and if you go to a bigger like giant hospitals

    是的,但我們的醫院就像那種像一個較小的 像個人診所,如果你去一個更大的像巨型醫院。

  • Yeah, they offer less stuff. So you actually have to bring a lot of stuff before I continue

    是啊,他們提供的東西比較少。所以,你實際上要帶很多東西 之前,我繼續。

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  • going and like staying there is they actually


  • Give the mothers, classes or they provide or offer these classes to them


  • So you go in not only just to give birth, but you actually learn like how to take care of your baby


  • I think that hospital's stay actually is the time to learn like that's what hospital like, you know prepares for the mothers

    我認為,醫院的住宿實際上是學習的時間 像這是什麼醫院一樣,你知道準備的母親。

  • Yeah, so they have really good classes with other mothers like breastfeeding

    是啊,所以他們有非常好的課程 與其他母親像母乳餵養。

  • how to put the baby in the bath and what you should be worrying about after the hospital's stay


  • It's like all of the mothers that are having babies at the same time will get together


  • You know at certain times during the day with the nurses and then they'll like teach you

    你知道在某些時候 在一天中與護士 然後他們會喜歡教你。

  • All the different things that you need to do and if you have any questions, for example, you know


  • What color should the poop be? How much are you supposed to be breastfeeding?


  • How do I change diapers like how to cut nails like all the questions like mothers would have?


  • They have all of them in one group so that they can ask the questions together and you know learn all at the same time


  • Unfortunately because of the quarantine, um the classes


  • Yeah, she couldn't it's cancelled. They she couldn't yeah, it got cancelled

    是啊,她不能它的取消。他們她不能 是的,它被取消了。

  • Yeah, unfortunately, but they did give you like at least one class, right? It wasn't much of a class, but it was like a lecture

    是的,不幸的是,但他們確實給你喜歡 至少有一門課,對不對?這不是什麼課,但它就像一個講座。

  • Yeah, just for the um the bath, baby


  • Yeah, um the nurse just showed me how to bathe the baby, but I also got this little booklet


  • This was the um material for the um classes that I was supposed to take. It actually has this like how to bath a baby


  • And what you should prepare for the bath and also..

    以及你應該準備什麼洗澡,還... ...

  • All about babies health so you have like an instruction manual


  • For how to raise your baby. Since I couldn't get the class


  • Uh, the nurse actually came to my room and like she actually went over everything. Yeah. Yeah, so that was actually nice

    呃,護士居然來到我的房間 和她一樣,其實去了一切。是啊,是啊,所以這實際上是不錯的。是啊,所以這是真正的好

  • Yeah, so it's like instead of having, you know, like a group class. You got like a private class

    是啊,所以它像而不是有, 你知道,像一個小組的類,你得到了像一個私人班

  • And then there was some stuff that was kind of specific to our clinic that were also pretty surprising


  • I've heard some stories about like how hard it is right after pregnancy here in Japan and like also in the States


  • How hard it is but like this specific hospital like really focused on recovery


  • Right. Um, they really wanted to make sure that the mother was properly taken care of. So for example,

    是的,他們真的想確保嗯,他們真的想確保 母親是適當的照顧。所以,比如說,

  • If she got tired like at night or wanted to get some sleep


  • They would actually take our baby and take care of him. And so that she can get some sleep


  • Yeah, right after giving birth you are


  • Exhausted if you have experience, you probably know your butt hurts your like body hurts and everything hurts and you're sleepy


  • Yeah, so it actually helped a lot. So in any hospitals in japan, they're either


  • Focused on like mother's body recovery like my hospital or focus on breastfeeding


  • So if your hospital is focused on the breastfeeding they're going to be focusing on like getting your breast milk work


  • Working or working before your mother's body recovery. So basically it's hard to get asleep


  • That's why I chose the one that's focused on mother's body recovery


  • Yeah, but like unfortunately since you know, they don't really teach you much about breastfeeding


  • Yeah, my breasts wasn't working until like when I was leaving the hospital


  • There are merits and the merits of these ones so pretty much in. Japan


  • You get to choose whether you want to focus on breastfeeding and like getting your breasts to work


  • Right away and like you want to focus on that or if you want to have some time to recover


  • which is that's pretty nice you get to actually choose and then another thing that just completely


  • blew me away and


  • I wish I was actually there because the food looked amazing


  • I really wanted you to be there. Yeah, because I wanted to share with you. Yeah


  • But I mean, first of all look at some of this food that she got this was right after she gave birth

    但是,我的意思是,首先看看這些食物,她得到了一些 這是正確的,她生完孩子後。

  • This is "Iwaizen" which means like celebration meal. Uh, you get like a really nice meal after the delivery

    這是 "Iwaizen",意思是慶祝餐。呃,你得到像一個非常好的飯菜後送貨

  • It's like, uh, we did it


  • This is what I got. Yeah, I got a steak and some kind of fish meal fried scallop. Wait. No, is that a blueberry?

    這是我買的。是啊,我得到了一個牛排和某種魚餐 炸扇貝。等等,不,那是藍莓嗎?不,那是藍莓嗎?

  • It's a blueberry cheesecake


  • And some kind of soup. Oh and look at that. You even got some wine. Yes


  • That's like your first wine and you know, what like a year. I wasn't even sure if I was able to drink wine


  • yeah, I mean I was supposed to be breastfeeding but I guess it's like a little bit like I can drink it in like a

    是啊,我的意思是,我應該是母乳餵養 但我想這是像一點點 像我可以喝它在像一個

  • Second but still they gave you still yes. That was yeah. That was great


  • Like let me know if that happens in your country or in fact


  • Let us know that if there's anything that you guys do that's different or that just shocked you as well


  • Like let us know in the comments


  • This is the lunch. I got the next day the second day. I got the chicken steak. Lots of veggies. Oh


  • I love chicken steaks. It was really good. And then I got fish, you know, like this place is really focused on meal very nutritious

    我喜歡吃雞排。它真的很好。然後我得到了魚,你知道, 像這個地方是真的專注於膳食非常有營養。

  • Meal and it always comes with two main dish


  • It's really hard to finish everything


  • Yeah, but it's nice that you get to you know


  • You always have options all the more reason why I should have been there. I know right?

    你總是有選擇的餘地... ...所以我更應該去那裡。我知道,對吧?

  • A lot of Japanese like hospitals. If you don't go to this one. They do also have pretty good food like pretty decent food


  • It's not like terrible. I hear some horrible stories from other countries


  • But you know in general Japan has pretty good food


  • I think this place especially was shocking like I mean look at that food. This is the second dinner


  • Oh, the scallop was so good. I got the giant scallop this really garlicky lemony sauce

    哦,扇貝太好吃了。我得到了巨大的扇貝 這真的蒜味的檸檬醬。

  • Full of salad pork cutlet I think yeah pork and vegetable soup. That's the dessert


  • Oh, this steak was so good. That's stuff. Wow. We got some fish roasted beef roast beef steak

    哦,這塊牛排太好吃了。這是東西。哇,我們得到了一些魚烤牛肉我們得到了一些魚 烤牛肉 烤牛肉牛排。

  • And then you got a baked cake, yeah, yeah and this is the breakfast the next day oh those are the thick bacon


  • Those are large pieces of bacon really


  • Wow, what else? Okay. So there's a there's a lot more. Oh and this is the

    哇,還有什麼?好吧,所以還有一個... ...還有很多。哦,這是

  • Japanese style dinner that I really liked. Oh you got tempura as well. It's a lot too. It's like a vegetable tempura. I got fish


  • And Miso soup. Wow, that's super Japanese. Yeah also Japanese stuff breakfast. Oh so you got like porridge


  • We've got some fish got some cuts of fruit in there. Got some tofu. Got some miso soup

    我們已經得到了一些魚... ...有一些水果的切割在那裡。有一些豆腐。有一些味噌湯

  • Oh, sorry


  • It looks like tofu and I got mozuku


  • And lots of veggies she got a lot of meals. I wish I was there


  • Yeah, so that's another thing that is super super shocking that you know, your meals were that good?


  • I don't know. Maybe not shocking to you guys, but pretty shocking


  • Maybe you guys have that or even better ones


  • And then she finally left they actually gave her gifts, you know, like yeah, I thought it was like pretty cool that thing


  • That's a sample bag. I know but still like they gave you stuff on your way home. She got like

    這是一個樣品袋。我知道,但還是喜歡他們給你的東西 在你回家的路上。她得到了像

  • diapers she got formula

    紙尿褲 她有奶粉

  • She had,um what else got wipes they got wipes you got soap and then they even gave you like I think as a present like a real


  • That was a nice present. They


  • They gave you like a huge like nice fluffy towel, you know for the baby

    他們給了你一條巨大的... ...漂亮的毛茸茸的毛巾,你知道的,給寶寶的。

  • He's really good quality, too. You also got like a little box for his uh, umbilical cord

    他的品質真的很好,太。你還有一個小盒子,用來裝他的... 臍帶的

  • Unfortunately, we lost his umbilical cord. Sorry Wolfie.


  • Like the last thing that was super surprising


  • Um was on her way out. I kind of knew this because I like I asked in advance but


  • In Tokyo when you take the baby home, we don't have a car


  • That's why we did take a taxi


  • And we didn't have to use a car seat


  • If you watched our Vlogs on our Tokyo Zebra channel, then you'll notice that we came home


  • Maiko had wolfie in her arms and that's how he rode back home and a lot of people commented and said hey


  • Why isn't there a baby seater why aren't you putting in a baby seat?


  • It was surprising to me that it wasn't required but in tokyo if you don't drive home


  • Or you don't drive your own car and you ride a taxi or public transportation?


  • You don't have to use a baby seat for infants or babies or anything. So


  • Anywhere we go in Tokyo


  • We don't have to. it's a bit scary though


  • If you think of the accident, I think a lot of parents living in Tokyo


  • They don't plan on driving because you know, a lot of people don't have cars anyway


  • So it's like a one off thing and just to buy a baby seat


  • For that one time then it's kind of


  • Yeah, yeah


  • So that's basically it if you guys like this video help us out hit that like button

    所以,這基本上是它,如果你們喜歡這個視頻 幫助我們打出喜歡的按鈕。

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This video is brought to you by Square space. In this video I'm going to share with you some shocking things about child birth in Japan.