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  • We can all agree that Chinese food is delicious, right?

  • Whether it's egg rolls or dumplings, you just can't go wrong with those sweet and salty flavors.

  • This probably won't surprise you, but Chinese food also happens to be very big business.

  • According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, one third of Americans eat Chinese food at least once a month.

  • Of course, when you're in a rush and ordering takeout, it's not so easy to make smart nutritional choices.

  • Unfortunately, you should probably steer clear of fried rice if you want to watch your calories and eat healthier.

  • To state the incredibly obvious, the main component of the dish is white rice.

  • Rice doesn't have much fiber, and it tends to make you feel particularly satisfied on its own.

  • It's also typically drowned in soy sauce, which adds loads of sodium.

  • That's nothing to say nothing of the fact that it's fried in oil.

  • Apparently, there are several reasons why fried rice might lead to weight gain.

  • According to Livestrong, "Including higher-fat meats [to fried rice] also increases fat content, especially if the meats have been deep-fried prior to stir frying."

  • A one cup serving of fried rice contains about seven grams of fat and a 460 milligrams of sodium.

  • But we all know that one measly cup of fried rice just won't cut it when you're in the mood for Chinese.

  • Unfortunately, a typical four-cup standard serving means you're looking at 28 grams of fat and 1,840 milligrams of sodium.

  • Meanwhile, the daily recommended intake is no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium, and no more than 65 grams of fat.

  • If you absolutely insist on eating fried rice, perhaps you should try making the meal more balanced.

  • Cheat Sheet suggests making your own fried rice at home, writing that "You can add in vegetables and protein in proportions more in keeping with nutritional guidelines."

  • If you want to give that a try, the website Slender Kitchen has some terrific tips to achieve a restaurant-quality dish that won't weigh you down.

  • A simple, relatively lean fried rice takes less than ten minutes to make, and the ingredients can be super-simple too: just brown rice, eggs, green onions, carrots, cabbage, and soy sauce.

  • First, cook your eggs in a separate panthis is recommended because if you add them uncooked to the rice, they'll likely become runny or soggy.

  • Next, Slender Kitchen suggests you start with ideally cold and one-day-old rice because cold rice has less moisture, making it perfect for frying.

  • Just cook it in a pan with your desired amount of soy sauce at high heat and stir often to avoid anything getting burned.

  • Next you add your veggies, stir in eggs, and you're all set!

  • You can also add a protein like chicken or tofu to help make the meal heartier.

  • But if you're like us and don't have much time to cook, there's still a way to enjoy this sort of thing while eating outand without all calories and fat of traditional fried rice.

  • Nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield told Self you can just order brown rice and ask for scrambled eggs on the side.

  • As she puts it: "Most takeouts have eggs for the fried rice, and they are willing to do this for you."

  • "Brown rice has a lower glycemic index as compared to white rice, which helps reduce insulin spikes."

  • According to Livestrong, there's something else you should do when you order fried rice at a restaurant.

  • Ask the chef to use no butter, less oil, and ask for any other sauces to be put on the side.

  • That way, you're in control of how much you want to ultimately consume.

  • We doubt you'll be making new friends among any local chefs in your area, but at least you'll get to enjoy fried rice your way.

  • Nutritionist and dietician Rachael Hartley has her own wild ideas about the best way to enjoy brown rice.

  • She told Insider, "You can just order brown rice and your favorite chicken, beef, or shrimp dish and mix them all together."

  • She says: "Brown rice has a lot of fiber and is a bit more filling."

  • "Adding brown rice is an easy modification you can make to your meal."

  • Okay, now who's hungry?

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We can all agree that Chinese food is delicious, right?


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