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  • Play Doh.

  • It's your childhood in a yellow plastic tub.

  • Smooth and pliable, moist but not sticky.

  • Taste salty.

  • Smell sweet.

  • What's inside this magic does.

  • It starts with flour and water.

  • Warm water breaks down starch in the flour, which makes the mixture thick and viscous.

  • But as it cools, water evaporates.

  • Ordinarily, the statue beats would cling together and harden, not fun.

  • That's where Miller picked in comes in.

  • The statue has Heidi holes, the water molecules that Kate the dough, moist and pliable mineral or vegetable oil and a white waxy substance called PG 1500 Mono.

  • Stay right.

  • Keep the texture smooth is actually about 10% salt 10 times sold here than your typical bread dough.

  • He'd binds up any free water, and it's the first thing you notice if you take a bite right before the bitterness hits.

  • That's aluminum sulfate added to keep the kiddos from a seriously chowing down.

  • It's also a preservative, which, along with household cleaner borax, prevents mold and bacteria growth.

  • What about the smell?

  • That sweet aroma that send you straight back to preschool?

  • Vanilla is Hasbro's only hint, but the real formula for the signature scent is guarded, like the recipe for Coca Cola.

  • But we're fine with a little mystery.

  • Just don't get the colors mixed up.

  • Okay?

  • One to see what's inside the subscribe button.

  • Go ahead and click it.

  • It's more great wide stuff.

Play Doh.


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2分鐘剖析食用菌泥的成分|身邊的事物有什麼內幕|有什麼內幕? (食べられる粘土の成分を2分で解剖 | 身の回りにあるモノの中身|What's Inside)

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