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  • hey there jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question of the

  • week our question today is a very common one

  • it's what's the difference between this and these

  • so let's talk about the first sound and get that out of the way that th

  • sound

  • in each of these cases for this and these it is going to be the voice sound

  • so the voice box is on and moving the tip of your tongue should be out of

  • your mouth and there should be enough space between your top and

  • teeth and your tongue for air to move out

  • and over your tongue that is key if you completely

  • touch the tongue to the teeth it's going to sound like a d

  • sound we don't want that you want the air to keep moving ththththth

  • okay now for the differences between the vowels and the last sound

  • let's start with this here so for the e sound it is a long vowel it's the

  • smiling vowel and your tongue is very high in your

  • mouth it is behind the top front teeth and is not touching

  • e e e for the short i sound this is sound

  • my tongue is going to pop down just a little bit and my mouth

  • really relaxes so i go from tense lips for the e

  • to relaxed lips eee ih eee ih eee ih

  • and in moving my lips my tongue goes from very high and flat

  • to a little bit further down in my mouth and more relaxed eee ih eee ih

  • now for the next sound we have the z sound even though we spell this word

  • with an s we are going to say a z a z is exactly

  • the same as the s sound so let's talk about that first for the s sound

  • tip of your tongue is behind your top front teeth or pointed down a little bit

  • air keeps moving out of your mouth sssss your voice box is off for the z

  • same thing you're doing for the s but your voice box is now on zzzzz

  • so let's try to put that all together we have

  • this this this these these

  • these this these do you like this

  • or do you like these give it a try i know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful please share

  • this with your friends and give us a like and don't forget to subscribe

  • if you're looking for help check us out on google play itones udemy

  • and our one-to-one training options at tarle speech thanks everyone

hey there jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question of the


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