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  • Google's strategy is aggregate and advertise.

  • You assemble evermore customers and then you advertised to them on the basis of data you collect from through your search engines and other devices.

  • And And when you think of that, these ads so called that Google is the master of of propagating art adds really there Minuses!

  • Nobody wants to see him most of the time they have actually are, ah are value subtracted advertising.

  • And so So, uh, I worry about a business strategy that's based on giving people what they don't want.

  • And this is particularly acute with mobile ads, mobile ads, pop up ads on your smartphone, uh, are take some 30% of the bandwidth and, uh, and, uh, 30% of your costs of your band was subscription.

  • Your is, uh, is just to accommodate ads and they slow down everything else and they actually impair of the functioning of of your device.

  • So So I think Google faces a real challenge.

  • That and you know, the statistics of just amazing you can Onley of I think it's 0.4% of ads are actually, um, alert.

  • And of these, this 0.4% half of them are click by mistake.

  • And so the actual click through rate is some tiny portion of the total volume of ads that's delivered.

  • And so it's it's really ah, it's it's really a fiasco.

  • And and it fails the test that I've put expounded in life after television before life after Google that, uh, that No.

  • One, that in this future Internet era, where the advertisers would be so well informed about just what you need, what you want, you'd never have to see any advertisements you didn't want to see any more.

  • And and that is being thwarted not just by Google strategy, but also by this misunderstanding of what privacy is that that's prevalent.

  • Everybody everywhere.

  • Everybody thinks that privacy has something to do with anonymity.

Google's strategy is aggregate and advertise.


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