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  • I love London.

  • Eye of Isaac Newton was the master.

  • The men in London and lots of people focus on Hiss transformation of physics.

  • But I think his greatest contribution historically was the gold standard.

  • Ah, Isaac Newton engineered the gold standard, and most histories of Newton also, uh, pretend that the end of this life was sort of wasted, that hey spent it doing alchemy.

  • But what he was doing was trying toe hacked gold.

  • He thought if ah gold could be demonstrated to be unhappy Kable, then it could be the foundation for a global money and it could underlie the British Empire.

  • And so what most people thought was wasted time by Newton was actually critical to 200 years of the greatest prosperity in the history of the human race.

  • And not only did he provide the physics that underlie laid the industrial revolution, he also provided the monetary structure on.

  • I think today we're in a similar Newtonian moment where block chain can not only provide the basis for a secure Internet for the first time, but also the basis for unhappy herbal money around the world.

  • Now we have a double hacking crisis.

  • The Internets hacked billions of times and money is being hacked constantly by central bankers around the world.

  • And so I think we're I'm glad to be in London for a new Newtonian moment.

I love London.


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塊鏈VS金標準:牛頓如何永遠改變金融史|喬治-吉爾德。 (BLOCKCHAIN VS GOLD STANDARD: How Isaac Newton Changed Financial History Forever | George Gilder)

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