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  • would you come talking?

  • It can take you T o T.

  • It is a newly you study.

  • Can I dio candy since you Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Keep your doctor says you, mustn't it?

  • What was good about the kind of guy?

  • So this I just saw nobody but it all for your can.

  • Yoko, you don't know should hold it.

  • Didn't that make you look up?

  • The Congo?

  • It's divisive.

  • Made them what?

  • They want to go home.

would you come talking?


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如果我的努力都白費了,我也不會太在意。Emi Tamashiro, 工程師 - 變形的藝術 Ep5 | WIRED x Galaxy Note9 | (努力がすべて無駄になってもあまり気にしない。工学者・玉城絵美 | ART OF SHIFT -シフトの技法 Ep5 | WIRED x Galaxy Note9 |

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