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  • War is like a sport

  • We are emperors of Rome

  • What do you want Mrs. Burr?

  • I want to make you an offer

  • Bring down Richard Roper

  • I wanna put you inside his operation

  • My name is Pine. I am the night manager

  • You bring the money to us. We give you back the boy

  • You'll be in so deep

  • You'll worry that you never get out

  • I've got nothing to lose

  • Go!

  • You saved my boy.

  • Welcome to the family

  • You're coming to our lives. Everyone is atractted to you

  • 00:00:43,800 --> 00:00:45,800 We just need you and me

  • I've got a new message. You've got any idea how dangerous that is?

  • Murder. Theft.

  • 00:00:53,250 --> 00:00:56,989 My main man. My star. I think he might be playing both sides

  • We need Richard Roper. I'm going to get you out of here

  • And you think you're safe. We are pulling you out. Without me you don't have any operation

  • You step out of line. We make howl for your mother

  • Here is the problem

  • Anyone can betray anyone

War is like a sport


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A2 初級 美國腔

夜班經理:預告片 - BBC One (The Night Manager: Trailer - BBC One)

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