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  • The wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has appeared in state media reports following

  • a four-month absence from public view. Ri Sol-ju was seen in photos released on Wednesday

  • accompanying Kim on his "field guidance" trip to the Mount Kumgang resort on the country's

  • scenic east coast. It was her first reported public activity since June, though her name

  • was not mentioned among those who followed Kim on his trip to the mountain. She was last

  • seen in public when Chinese President Xi Jinping made his first visit to Pyongyang on June

  • 20 and 21. After that, she disappeared from state media reports for more than 120 days,

  • with Kim making public appearances without her. This week Korea Now will look into North

  • Korea's first lady Ri Sol-ju and other cases of her absence from public view in the past.

  • Very little information about Ri Sol-ju have appeared in official North Korean sources,

  • but more speculative information have been reported in foreign media. She was reportedly

  • born into an elite family in 1989. She is said to have graduated from Geumsung Second

  • Middle School in Pyongyang and studied abroad in China majoring in vocal music. Yonhap News

  • Agency has identified Ri as a singer in the Unhasu Orchestra. She also visited South Korea

  • in 2005, as a member of the North Korean cheerleading team during the Asian athletics competition

  • held in Incheon in September of that year. Ri is said to have married Kim Jong-un in

  • 2009 and to have given birth to her first and second children in 2010 and 2013. In 2012,

  • Ri made several public appearances standing next to Kim Jong-un, causing speculation about

  • who she might be. Finally, on July 25th that year, North Korean state media announced that

  • she was Kim's wife, saying she washis wife, comrade Ri Sol-ju.”

  • In 2018, Ri started to take on a diplomatic role and her title was elevated torespected

  • First Ladyinstead of justcomrade,” ahead of the series of Kim's summits. In

  • March last year, she visited China with her husband, meeting Chinese President Xi and

  • his wife. In April of that year, Ri attended the historic Panmunjom inter-Korean summit,

  • the first wife of a North Korean leader to do so, and met the First Lady of South Korea,

  • Kim Jung-sook, for the first time. They met again at the Pyongyang inter-Korean summit

  • in September and went up to the top of Mount Paekdu with their husbands. The two first

  • ladies were observed as being close to each other through their meetings last year.

  • Meanwhile, it is not the first time that Ri has disappeared from public view. From 2012

  • to 2015, Ri appeared occasionally in the North Korean media, accompanying her husband to

  • events, but subsequently she was rarely seen. In 2016, she was not seen in public for about

  • nine months, spawning speculation that she might be pregnant or have given birth. In

  • fact, Seoul's spy agency said in August 2017 that Ri appears to have given birth to her

  • third child of unknown gender in February of that year.

  • This year, however, Ri already made six public appearances up until June, including a visit

  • to Beijing from January 1-10 accompanying Kim. She also joined Kim in attending a performance

  • marking the 71st anniversary of the North's armed forces in February and visited a fish

  • farm in April. Therefore, Ri's relatively long disappearance from state media reports

  • was considered unusual. Since state media began referring to her asfirst lady

  • last year, instead ofcomrade”, she was usually mentioned in media reports at least

  • once a month. During her absence, Kim's younger sister,

  • Kim Yo-jong accompanied the leader in an event on July's anniversary of the death of their

  • grandfather and founding leader Kim Il-sung, as well as other key events like riding white

  • horses to visit Mount Paektu on the 16th this month. Therefore, some say that Kim Yo-jong

  • appears to be filling in for Ri Sol-ju. What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know

  • in the comments below and thank you for watching Korea Now.

The wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has appeared in state media reports following


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北韓領導人金正恩的妻子李溶珠,你瞭解多少? (How much do you know Ri Sol-ju, the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un?)

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