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  • Ghost Month is finally here, at least in (places with) Chinese traditions, which is around 2 months earlier from the usual Western halloween.


  • And in this video, we're going to talk about 9 Do's and Don'ts on a Ghost Month.


  • But before that, what is Ghost Month?


  • Almost similar to Western halloween, during ghost month, it is believed that the gate of hell opens.


  • Particularly on the first day of the seventh lunar month for private homes, and on the second day of ghost month for public places like shrines and government offices.


  • Since we're referring to (the) Chinese calendar here with Chinese New Year often occurring on mid-February, that means the seventh lunar month is around August to September.


  • For 2019, it's from August 1 to August 29, with Ghost Festival or Zhongyuan Festival happening on August 15, 2019.

    鬼月在 2019 年是 8/1-8/29,中元節是 8/15。

  • According to Chinese traditions, it is believed that anyone who has done a lot of misdeeds here on Earth go to hell while those who have died accidentally become ghosts that wander around here instead of transgressing to the next life.


  • Therefore, holding a sacrifice for these sinful and wandering spirits, like offering a good meal or preparing some fruits and desserts while praying for them.


  • And burning joss paper or ghost money at the side of the road would help them escape from hell early and also prevent them from disturbing the living.


  • Aside from holding sacrifices and having a festival for these spirits, here's a quick rundown of some Do's and Don'ts during a Ghost Month.


  • Number one: avoid going out at night, especially if you're alone.

    1. 避免在夜晚出門,尤其是獨自一人。

  • This rule mostly applies to children, senior citizens, pregnant women and highly sensitive people because they might get targeted easily by evil spirits and risk being possessed.


  • Ghosts in general are at their strongest during night time because of the "yin" energy from the Moon.


  • Since the gates of hell are open during ghost month, your chances of bumping into these spirits are the highest during this time of the year.


  • Number two: Don't stand waiting alone under a tree or bus stop late at night.

    2. 不要在深夜獨自站在樹下或公車站等車。

  • This is connected to number one earlier, and since these spirits are highly active at night time, you might risk getting followed by them on your way home.


  • Number three: Stay quiet at night.

    3. 在夜晚時保持安靜。

  • It's not only disrespectful for the living who wants to sleep.


  • Whistling at night, or making any high frequency sounds like playing the lyre late at night during this month draws the spirits' attention to you and may come to you.


  • Number four: Avoid any body of water during this month.

    4. 鬼月時避免接觸任何水域。

  • Best to plan your travels that involve taking a ship or plane in another month.


  • Also avoid any water-related activities to avoid mishaps caused by water ghosts.


  • Just like the night and other dark places, spirits like water because of its "yin" environment.


  • You might risk encountering mischievous water spirits that may drag the living into the water to replace them.


  • So they can leave their current limbo state and reincarnate into a new life.


  • Number five: Turn your whole body, and not just your head if someone calls you at night.

    5. 如果有人在晚上時叫你,要轉身而不是只轉頭。

  • Same thing if someone taps on your shoulder at night.


  • I mean, randomly hearing your name being called or being tapped at during the dark at night is surely spooky.


  • You can do yourself a favor, and just ignore them.


  • If you must, instead of turning your head which creates an imbalance in your body's yin and yang energy making you more vulnerable.


  • Turn your whole body when someone calls you from the back.


  • Number six: Be aware of what you wear.

    6. 注意你的穿著。

  • Don't wear bright red or black clothes.


  • These clothes attract spirits.


  • Also avoid wearing clothes with your name on it like school jerseys and such to avoid risking number five earlier.


  • Also stick to flats for now and avoid high heeled shoes because being constantly elevated from the ground makes your feet vulnerable and open for ghosts to possess you.


  • Number seven: Avoid playing supernatural games.

    7. 避免玩靈異遊戲。

  • This is self-explanatory.


  • Spirits, like the living, crave interaction and will grab any opportunity presented to them.


  • Don't invite them to come and talk to you unless you 100% want that to happen.

    不要邀請它們現形或是和它們說話,除非你 100% 想要這種情況發生。

  • Number eight: Don't pick up random interesting things on the road.

    8. 不要在路上隨意撿拾物品。

  • These items are usually considered "road toll" for the nice ghosts or good brothers.


  • Same thing goes for joss paper and red envelopes.


  • If you pick them up, the ghosts may get angry at you for stealing what's supposed to be theirs.


  • Number nine: Feel free to use personal items as protection.

    9. 用隨身物品保護自己。

  • Whether it's a special crystal bracelet, salt or salt water, amulet, glutinous rice or prayer beads, use them if they help you feel at ease.


  • If you don't believe in them, that's also fine, as long as we all stay respectful of other people's beliefs and traditions.


  • So these are just some of the usual Do's and Don'ts during Ghost Month.


  • There are still others but let's talk about them some other time.


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  • Thanks for watching and see you again soon!


Ghost Month is finally here, at least in (places with) Chinese traditions, which is around 2 months earlier from the usual Western halloween.


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農曆七月鬼門開!這些事千萬別在鬼月做... (Ghost Month Do's and Don'ts)

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