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  • I don't let myself start a book that I'm not gonna finish.


  • [How Bill Gates gets the most out of books.]


  • You know, when you are reading, you have to be careful that you really are concentrating, particularly if it's a nonfiction book.


  • Are you taking the new knowledge and sort of attaching to knowledge you have?


  • For me, taking notes helps make sure that I'm really thinking hard about about what's in there.


  • If I disagree with the book, sometimes it takes a long time to read the book, because I'm writing so much in the margin.


  • It's actually kind of frustrating.


  • Oh, please say something I agree with so I can get through to the end of this book.


  • [#2 Don't start what you can't finish.]

    [#2 不要看任何你無法看完的東西。]

  • So there is one--it's a fiction book called Infinite Jest--what I'm trying to decide if I started or not, because I watched the movie The End of the Tour.


  • I loved it.


  • David Foster Wallace comes across as a super-interesting, broad-thinking person.

    作者 David Foster Wallace 是個非常有趣、思想廣闊的人。

  • If the book was like (a) two or three hundred page book, there's no doubt as soon as I watched that movie I dived in.


  • But it's quite long and complicated, and you know, I don't want to make an exception.


  • It's my rule to to get to the end.


  • [#3 Paper books > ebooks.]

    [#3 紙本書 > 電子書。]

  • Over time I will make the switch, but when I'm just sitting there at night reading often a paper magazine or the... the book.


  • I'm used to that.


  • -It's ridiculous because I care, I have whole book bag that goes on my trips with me, and it's it's voluminous and antiquated. -[Ok, maybe don't do this.]


  • [#4 Block out an hour.]

    [#4 騰出一個小時。]

  • If you're reading books like these, you'd want to be sitting down for an hour at a time, because otherwise just getting your mind around.


  • Okay, reading is not the kind of thing you can do five minutes here ten minutes there.


  • Magazine articles fit, or short YouTube videos fit into those little slots.

    雜誌中的文章或 YouTube 上的短影片,可以填補這些瑣碎的時間。

  • And so you know, every night I'm reading a little over an hour, and so I can take my current book and make some progress.


I don't let myself start a book that I'm not gonna finish.


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【閱讀素養】比爾蓋茲教你如何閱讀 (How Bill Gates reads books)

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