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  • -It's a poll of African Americans

  • across the United States.

  • We asked them how they feel about life in America,

  • in general, but we also honed in

  • on how they feel about the different primary candidates

  • and kinda how they were making their decisions.

  • One of the biggest factors for African American voters,

  • as well as voters, you know, who are not African American,

  • is whether or not they feel that a candidate can beat Trump,

  • whether that candidate can go head-to-head with Trump and win.

  • And that's a large part of the reason

  • that Joe Biden is leading,

  • because people feel like he can beat Trump

  • and that makes him the most electable.

  • Pete Buttigieg doesn't do particularly well

  • in a head-to-head matchup with Trump.

  • He would win, if the election were today.

  • He wouldn't win by as much as a Joe Biden

  • or a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren.

  • When asked who they prefer, which candidate they prefer,

  • Democratic-leaning African American voters,

  • I think just 2% said Pete Buttigieg.

  • There's a couple of reasons that African Americans

  • largely prefer Joe Biden, according to our survey.

  • One is the fact that he was Obama's vice president.

  • They feel like Biden would mean a continuation

  • of the Obama-era policies that they like.

  • Many of the voters have said, "Look, we know who Joe Biden is.

  • We know the good. We know the bad.

  • We know the history. We know the track record.

  • We know what we're getting".

  • That history with Biden, for right or wrong,

  • is a big part of his staying power.

  • Kamala Harris went after Joe Biden in a Democratic debate.

  • -It was hurtful to hear you talk

  • about the reputations of two United States senators

  • who built their reputations and career

  • on the segregation of race in this country.

  • -Cory Booker has called out Joe Biden

  • in a Democratic debate.

  • -This week, I hear him literally say that,

  • "I don't think we should legalize marijuana".

  • I thought you might've been high when you said it.

  • -And through it all, you know,

  • Biden has been relatively consistent

  • with African American voters.

  • They're pretty loyal to him.

  • Black voters are probably the most consistently loyal bloc

  • for the Democratic Party.

  • Many people will say, you know, a Democrat can't win

  • unless they prove that they can pull

  • in a significant number of Black voters.

  • -We have not relegated racism and white supremacy

  • to the pages of history.

  • But the greatness of this nation has always been,

  • and must continue to be, that we still strive to relegate it.

  • -Amen.

-It's a poll of African Americans


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以下是非洲裔美國人對2020年總統候選人的看法。 (Here's how African Americans feel about the 2020 presidential candidates)

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