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  • -Well, as businesses start to slowly reopen

  • across the country, a lot of people

  • are still using those Zoom meetings.

  • They want to keep continuing with those guys.

  • And to be honest,

  • I use excuses to get out of my Zoom meetings a lot.

  • And I think people have started to notice.

  • Check it out.

  • ♪♪

  • -All right, guys, I'm going to hop off, okay?

  • I, uh -- I got to, um...

  • I got to make...dinner. Early dinner.

  • I need to check if we got any packages.

  • I didn't order any. I'd still like to check.

  • I need to wash my sweat pants.

  • It's been two months, so I think it's time.

  • I only pay for 5 gigs of data a month, so I might --

  • ♪♪

  • I need to check how my home brewed batch

  • of hand sanitizer's coming along.

  • I just realized I never read "Moby Dick."

  • I'm going to jump off and do that now.

  • Someone else wants to use the Zoom. So -- Wha!

  • I need to check the garbage can

  • to make sure it's where I left it.

  • I'm going to go shave the other half of my chest.

  • I got to do a TikTok food hat.

  • Murder hornets! Murder hornets! Bye!

  • Hey, look over there. [ Bangs fist ]

  • Ooh, ouch!

  • Regular hornets! Still quite unpleasant! Aah!

  • Sorry this call is great, I just have a previous engagement

  • of staring at a blank wall for an hour.

  • I just remembered that I never talked to you in person

  • this much, so I'm going to leave.

  • Later!

  • ♪♪

-Well, as businesses start to slowly reopen


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