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  • Hey, listen, y'all.

  • If you know me-- and I think you do--

  • you know I love three things.

  • Gratuitous product placement, Casa Dragones Tequila,

  • and technology.

  • Well, Samsung and a phone company

  • called Huawei just announced that they're coming out

  • with a foldable phone.

  • This is what it looks like.

  • There it is.

  • Look how many screens there are to break now.

  • Yep.

  • Now, you can break two screens.

  • I believe those were called flip phones, when they were out

  • of date.

  • And now, they're called foldable, so they're brand new.

  • Yeah.


  • We finally get rid of our flip phones,

  • because we think that they're not cool anymore.

  • Now, they're back in style.

  • They're like the bell-bottoms of technology is what they are.

  • Remember when phones were tiny, and they

  • got smaller and smaller, and we'd have to squint,

  • until they ruined our eyesight?

  • And we're like, I need a bigger screen.

  • And in the '90s they got huge, and then they got small again,

  • and then they got huge again.

  • And now, they're both huge and small.

  • What would you pay for a foldable phone?

  • Would you pay $100?

  • $200?

  • $300?

  • $350?

  • $375?

  • $1,000?

  • $300?

  • $350?

  • $4,000?

  • $2,600?

  • $2,600, you're in luck, because that's how much it is. $2,600.

  • Yes, I know.

  • I know.

  • It's the size of two phones, and the cost of four.

  • And then dads all around America like, see,

  • I told you flip phones would be back in style.

  • I can't wait to flip one on my belt. Just going to clip it.

  • Every time they come out with a new phone,

  • we have to learn how to use them.

  • So you're going to have to know how to hold them,

  • you're going to have to know how to fold them,

  • when to walk away, when to run.

  • Everybody.

  • (SINGING) You never count your money when

  • you're sitting at the table--

  • Not enough of you know that song.

  • If phone companies are looking for ways to improve,

  • I have a couple of suggestions.

  • Here they are.

  • How about a feature where if you start texting in a movie

  • theater, your phone explodes?

  • How about that?


  • Or how about an update that removes me

  • from all group texts?

  • How about that?


  • How about an app to stop but dialing my mother by accident?

  • Or anytime someone uses a speakerphone in public,

  • the police show up.

  • That's what I would like.

  • Nothing worse than you're sitting next to someone

  • trying to have a meal--

  • yes, I know, and I was--

  • These are only suggestions.

  • And I know that Mr. Huawei may say, no way.

  • But I say, Mr. Huawei, it's either my way or the highway,

  • OK?

  • That concludes my technology update.

  • Tune in tomorrow, when I tell you how to shape your brows.

Hey, listen, y'all.


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