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  • I was told that Ellen left a surprise for me,

  • which I'm excited to see.

  • Apparently she was talking with another guest last week,

  • and my name came up.

  • I haven't seen this, but let's take a look.

  • I'll tell you who saw that movie, I bet, a ton of times.

  • And he's in love with you, as a matter of fact.

  • Every time he's here, Dax Shepard--

  • take a look at this clip of how obsessed he is with Brad.

  • Let's talk about Brad Pitt, because you love him.

  • I sure do.

  • I've actually changed-- look at this son of a gun.


  • Let's be clear.

  • You're not gay, OK?

  • I am not, with the exception of him.

  • I see.


  • He is an angel.

  • He's not--

  • Yeah.

  • He's not a--


  • This is someone that has fallen from the stars.

  • Let's give Dax's gift.





  • Oh my god.

  • Do you know that Dax Shepard has a crush on you?

  • I have a bit of a crush on Dax Shepard.

  • Wow.



  • Guys, I did not know that was coming.

  • Woo.

  • I got to take a cool down lap.


  • Oh, well, I got another surprise today

  • when I got to my dressing room.

  • My wife and two kids snuck in and decorated my dressing room

  • before I got here.

  • And it, you know, made me cry, to answer that question.


  • These little rascals, what they did

  • is they vandalized my room with a love bomb.

  • Look at that.

  • Oh my goodness.

  • Umm, yeah, I cried.

  • The miracle really is not only that they

  • tricked me, is that neither of them

  • told me last night during bedtime, which is

  • almost impossible to believe.

  • They can't keep any secrets whatsoever.

I was told that Ellen left a surprise for me,


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艾倫的布拉德-皮特為達克斯-謝帕德準備的驚喜 (Ellen's Brad Pitt Surprise for Dax Shepard)

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