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  • even a newbie.

  • Yeah, well, I thought we went together high over Dixie Chicks and we're backstage Ellen to play a quick game of Never Have I ever.

  • Here's how it works.

  • If it's something we've done will take a shot of our tequila A goblin, Maria.

  • And that's something we haven't done.

  • We're still welcome to take a shot.

  • Because why not?

  • Never have I ever stolen something.

  • Never have I ever walked in on my parents having sex.

  • You told me that.

  • Never have I ever lied to my kids.

  • Never have I ever woken up in a strange place without remembering how I got there.

  • It goes right in.

  • I think I've done that, You guys and really not know how you got this.

  • I mean, not right away.

  • Never Have I ever been to a nude beach?

  • Yeah.

  • Even didn't beat you Way went together.

  • It's weird way when you're used to a nude beach but have not been new back to the game.

  • Never have I ever said, Well, butter my butt.

  • Call me way.

  • Never down that never have I ever since naughty text to the wrong person.

  • My daughter's duty.

  • Oh, what was it?

  • How not anyone.

  • That knot is like coming.

  • That was fun.

even a newbie.


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Dixie Chicks播放 "Never Have I Ever"。 (Dixie Chicks Play 'Never Have I Ever')

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