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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Cav.

  • A Is it time to record every day?

  • Grammar.

  • Lucy A.

  • Yes, we are recording now.

  • Oh, I'm Macia, actually.

  • Carve a Is there a way to reshoot this episode?

  • No, but thank you for introducing today's topic.

  • Wait one.

  • Today we are talking about adjectival infinitives.

  • I remember adjectival infinitives.

  • Those are infinitives that modifying downs.

  • They combine the base form of the verb with to the sign of the infinitive.

  • Right.

  • Infinitives often modify, Announce time, place and way.

  • Oh, So when I said is a time to record every day grammar.

  • I gave an example of an infinitive modifying the noun time.

  • You also gave an example of one common feature of adjectival infinitives.

  • They often do not state the subject.

  • Wait.

  • How does that work in your sentence?

  • Is it time to record every day?

  • Grammar.

  • You left out the subject of the sentence.

  • You could have stated the subject.

  • But then your sentence would have been.

  • Is it time for us to record every day?

  • Grammar.

  • Yeah.

  • I did not state the subject because it did not add much information.

  • We both knew what I was talking about.

  • Yes, we did.

  • This is all good to know.

  • But do we have time to reshoot this lesson?

  • I'm sorry, Lucy.

  • A.

  • There is no way to reshoot this lesson, and that's everyday grammar.

This is everyday grammar.


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日常文法:形容詞不定式--時間、地點、方式 (Everyday Grammar: Adjectival Infinitives - Time, Place, Way)

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