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  • Welcome to English in a minute.

  • A zone is any area set apart from another area.

  • Zone out.

  • Let's hear what Ana and Jonathan have to say about this one.

  • So, like I was saying, I sent her.

  • Jonathan?

  • Jonathan, what are you doing?

  • Oh, sorry, Ana.

  • I guess I zoned out for a second there.

  • I was thinking about all the trout I hope to catch on our fishing trip.

  • Well, stop.

  • We have a three hour drive to the lake, and I have a lot of stuff to talk to you about.

  • To zone out means that you are not concentrating.

  • Your mind starts to think about other things rather than what you are doing or you daydreams like Jonathan.

  • He zoned out thinking about all the fish he wants to catch on his fishing trip with honor.

  • And that's English in a minute.

Welcome to English in a minute.


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英語一分鐘。Zone Out (English in a Minute: Zone Out)

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