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  • Hello.

  • I'm John Russell and I love languages.

  • Learning English pronunciation is really hard, So join me on an exploration of the sounds of English today.

  • We're exploring to sounds Pa and Buck.

  • We often get messages like this.

  • It's a good question and but can be difficult sounds for speakers of some languages.

  • Mixing up these sounds can change the meaning of a sentence.

  • Let's go to the beach.

  • Let's go to the peach and but are similar sounds.

  • They require you to use both of your lips, your top lip and your bottom lip.

  • But there are important differences between them.

  • Do you have Ah, pet, Do you have a bet?

  • Can you give me a push?

  • Can you give me ah, Bush the difference between s and Pat and but as in bad is that when you say your vocal chords in your throat are not vibrating if you put your hand on your throat and say you shouldn't feel anything vibrating, okay.

  • And if you say But but you can feel that your vocal cords are vibrating there, shaking a little bit there.

  • Tamara Jones, also an expert on pronunciation, notes that some language groups have problems using these sounds.

  • If you're having trouble pronouncing, huh, you might want to consider whispering.

  • But so if you come from a language where you only have the book sound, just practice whispering.

  • But but back.

  • But if you whisper but this is put, you can practice with an object such as a tissue feather or a piece of paper.

  • When you do the pop sound, you should see the object move.

  • When you do the buck sound, the object should not move until next time and keep up the good work.



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學習P和B的發音 (Learning to Pronounce P and B)

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