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  • Welcome to English in a minute.

  • A grid is a set of lines that cross each other to make squares like on a map or a piece of paper off the grid.

  • Sometimes I feel like I should leave the city and just live off the grid.

  • I know what you mean.

  • Life with no phones, no running water, no electricity, just at peace in nature.

  • Wait, no electricity.

  • How would I see the next season of Apartment of Cards To be off the grid means to be in a place far away from services most people use every day.

  • People who live off the grid do not use devices powered by electricity and often grow their own food.

  • And that's English in a minute.

Welcome to English in a minute.


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A2 初級

英語一分鐘。離網 (English in a Minute: Off the Grid)

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