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  • From the outset, this Corona virus has been compared with flu, so let's see how that works.

  • First of all, the Corona virus appears to be deadlier.

  • US.

  • Authorities list flues mortality rate at north 0.1%.

  • The W H O says the mortality rate amongst known cases off the Corona virus is 3.4% on the face of it, more than 30 times more deadly.

  • But hold on.

  • Many, many case of Corona virus are going undetected.

  • In fact, the mortality rate maybe a lot closer to the flu, is Professor Mark Lipsitz of Carbon University.

  • I liken it a bit, too.

  • Ah, dark room where you were there, people sitting in rows so you can't see.

  • And as the lights begin to go up, you think, Oh, some people walked into the room, but in fact, those people have been there for a while.

  • But even if the Corona virus mortality rate does drop as faras nor 0.1% that's still potentially very serious.

  • The W H.

  • O estimates that every year the flu kills between 290,000 and 650,000 people.

  • So if millions of people contract the Corona virus, the death toll could still run into the hundreds of thousands.

  • Next, there is the speed at which the Corona virus is spreading his one US vaccine.

  • Scientists.

  • You know what one of things we've learned.

  • This virus is so highly transmissible that you could be caught off guard pretty quickly and is a consequence.

  • Things can move quickly, so you have to watch out.

  • But the W.

  • H.

  • O has said that while the spread of Corona viruses concerning its not as contagious as the flu next, how did the symptoms of flu and Corona virus compare well, they're similar.

  • Corona virus we know often starts with a high fever.

  • It can then be followed by a cough.

  • It can also lead to a shortness of breath.

  • Some patients require hospital treatment.

  • Let's see the experience of one woman in Singapore.

  • When I was going to the critical stage, one other thing that I encountered was really breathing itself.

  • My lungs were going overdrive.

  • You were really making an effort.

  • You know, it's not like normal days right when we don't even we're not even conscious of how we breathe.

  • It was just so laborious trying to get from my bed to the bathroom just like I don't know, five meters away.

  • Just walking to the bathroom and us just challenging.

  • Like Julie, the majority of people who had the Corona virus have recovered.

  • But like flu, this Corona virus can lead to issues such as pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

  • And they in turn, can lead to multiple organ failure and, in some cases, death.

  • And as with flu, those over 70 years old and with preexisting respiratory conditions are more vulnerable.

  • All of which makes thes two diseases sound very familiar.

  • But here's the W H O.

  • On why this Corona virus is something different.

  • We can't treat Corbett 19 exactly the same way we treat flu.

  • Corded 19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity.

  • That means more people are susceptible to infection and some will suffer Sceviour diseases Chrono verses possibly more deadly, possibly less contagious than flu.

  • But there's a huge caveat here.

  • Scientists airflow studied flew for centuries there, only now starting to study this Corona virus.

  • Also remember, flu isn't constant.

  • Sometimes it's much deadlier than normal.

  • For example, go back toe 1918 and the Spanish flu outbreak, which killed 50 million people.

  • So in short, while I'm doing my best, comparing these two is tricky.

  • My colleague Lauren Moss could explain.

  • This is really what everyone wants to know.

  • But the first important thing to point out is that seasonal flu and Corona virus are not directly comparable.

  • Grown a virus is a brand new pathogen, there is no vaccine, and people don't have any kind of immunity to it.

  • Yet more cases are emerging every day, and health experts are working around the clock to try and respond to what more is being discovered about the virus and how it behaves.

  • Our scientists are working to find out more about it on a daily basis, but probably realistically, we're looking to the middle half of next year before a vaccine is readily available.

  • Animal tests are being carried out now, but then we've got to get to the stage off human trials.

  • And then there is the big hurdle of getting over mass producing it.

  • Everyone's being told, but the most important thing that we can do to curb the spread of Corona virus in the U.

From the outset, this Corona virus has been compared with flu, so let's see how that works.


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冠狀病毒VS流感。這兩種病毒如何比較?- BBC新聞 (Coronavirus v Influenza: How do the two viruses compare? - BBC News)

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