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  • Naples is a city of such spirit.

  • But here as across Italy, it's taken a real battering from the world's longest lock down of the pandemic.

  • The measures might now be easing, but the suffering isn't come and have a look of.

  • It's just one of the many social initiatives that sprung up here.

  • If you got food to donate, you leave it in this basket.

  • If you're hungry or in needs, you take the free food out of this one.

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  • Some of the poorest parts of Naples are, of course, also some of the roughest.

  • So on our way now to an area of the city court, Scampia which has some of the real social problems on we're going there with the police for a brief glimpse into how the lock down has affected those at the lowest levels of society.

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  • This region Campania is one of the poorest in the European Union.

  • Italy might be emerging from its locked down, but it has left so many scars here.

  • For people who live in this kind of state of poverty, not much will change.

look up.


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冠狀病毒。那不勒斯感受到了意大利的封鎖成本 - BBC News (Coronavirus: Naples feels the cost of Italy's lockdown - BBC News)

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