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  • Normally, we spoke about many things.

  • I think you already that nobody pushes Booth.

  • White House has released a memo the conversations between these two presidents, but the big question is, Was there any quid pro quo?

  • Was Donald Trump trying to get the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival in exchange for military aid?

  • The classic Mafia like shakedown of a foreign leader?

  • And the answer is no.

  • There was no explicit offer of aid for these political favors.

  • I didn't do it.

  • There was no quid pro quo.

  • However, when you look at the read out, you can see that as soon as the Ukrainian president starts talking about military aid and the missiles he was going to buy, Donald Trump turns around and says, I have a favor.

  • The other thing that was interesting about the readout from this conversation with Donald from time and time again pointed President Zelinsky to Rudy Giuliani, who is his personal lawyer, unpaid personal lawyer, former mayor of New York, as a person that he should be in touched it with to find out more to provide more information about the investigation and any results of this, he did nothing wrong under the law.

  • Otherwise, Donald Trump essentially was bypassing a lot of the foreign policy apparatus within his own White House on elevating this one individual to be in charge off the investigation.

  • Does anyone think this conversation was in the national interest?

  • Or was it in the president's personal political interest?

  • Democrats are gonna point to it and say this is grounds for impeachment.

  • We allow this president off the hook way will have created the precedent that some people are above the law and can act with complete impunity.

  • Republicans are going to point to clasp two passages in this conversation where Donald Trump talk about how European ally should give more money to Ukraine.

  • Europe has to put up money for you.

  • Great also.

  • Why is it only the United States putting up and therefore all of this push for impeachment?

  • All these accusations against the president?

Normally, we spoke about many things.


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特朗普被彈劾。是否有交換條件?- BBC新聞 (Trump impeachment: Was there quid pro quo? - BBC News)

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