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  • Doom Drop Doom Patrol on Rooster Teeth.

  • A new season of Doom Patrol is coming to HBO, Max, and you can watch the 1st 3 episodes of Season one on Rooster Teeth starting June 20 2nd T sees weirdest heroes are back for more bizarre adventures, and now you can watch part of season one floor free on our website ahead of Season two, premiering on HBO Max June 25th available only to US viewers.

  • Tuned Talkers premieres June 22nd.

  • We're breaking Down episodes of Season one with a special Tomb Patrol post show starring Ryan Haywood, Fiona Nova, Alfredo Diaz and John Rising.

  • Go watch the episodes and talk to patrol with the Doom Tucker's Start Your Free Trial Today via the link below www dot HBO max dot com slash doomed Dash Patrol watched the first season of Doom Patrol now on HBO, Max and Catch the Season two premiere on Thursday, June 25th.

  • Get weird.

  • Welcome to my arena, You and We Welcome You to weigh, have two sides cruel and careless, plaque forming protagonists In this apartment we have town Guardian de Ultimate Pirate protection.

  • John in the other corner, the bravest of nice ruler of shovels him.

  • Now let's size up the competition for these two heroic heroes.

  • John today is, well, half teeny, which means not only was one of her parents riel exhibitionist, but she has really awesome powers to this little lady can transform into all sorts of things Lucky's bats, health, even an elephant.

  • Plus we can whimper hair so hard it would put an entire metal show audience to shame.

  • And with all her fighting prowess, she is able to beat that out of some evil pirates and even some under genies.

  • But even when her powers turned into an evil version of herself, she was able to beat that evil self.

  • So it's safe to say it's the non Jeannie half that really gives Sean Day the a not she needs.

  • Oh, Sunday.

  • Now let me lay this out for you.

  • You see a night with sort of shield.

  • Cool may still cool about a pint of the sweet, actually, but you see a night with a god damn shovel in his weapon of choice.

  • Better be worried.

  • Not only is Trouble night one of the most Islamist knights in the land, he's also got a boatload of powers from his charge slashes to his Nazi balls and dust knuckles.

  • This man is a walking arsenal.

  • Also, his game has mawr expansions than any other game I can think of.

  • So if that's on the market success, I don't know what is really Seaside's throwing, maybe some platform and only one way to find out about two exhibitions.

  • Way you You're no friend of mine.

  • Talk about brutal, which I know what won't be brutal.

  • Voting for the next fight.

  • Fire the link in the description.

  • Tune in next week to see who takes home the win.

  • Oh, and make sure to check out the ultimate ending on rooster teeth dot com or via the other link below.

Doom Drop Doom Patrol on Rooster Teeth.


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