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  • so watching the Wizards is sort of like playing roulette.

  • Sometimes you win.

  • Sometimes you lose.

  • Sometimes you leave the building weeping uncontrollably.

  • But the one thing the Wizards air not this season is boring.

  • Sure, they ranked dead last in the N B A and defense, but hey, their top five and paste top six and offense and number one in ludicrous final box scores.

  • Yes, the team that earlier this season brought you that 1 59 to 1 58 loss to Houston.

  • Remember, that has been added again this past week.

  • Allow me to take you back to just before New Year's when, thanks to an almost comical domino of injuries, the Wizards found themselves without five of their six top players, and it still managed to completely blow out a Jimmy Butler lead Heat team that at the time was sitting at number two in the East.

  • The result was considering so embarrassing to Miami that Erik Spoelstra followed it up with a grueling 2.5 hour practice while Washington followed it up with, um, well, limp losses to the Blazers and Magic because they are indeed the Wizards.

  • And that is what they dio.

  • But then, then, after that, the Wizards faced the Nuggets themselves, ranked second in the West and Washington one in a wild one, thanks to its bench scoring 92 points.

  • 90 to that is the most an MBA team's bench has scored since 1977 is Boston Coach Brad Stevens would later put it.

  • The bench.

  • Scoring 92 is jarring.

  • When you consider the last time that happened, I was one years old.

  • The whole game was insane.

  • Ish.

  • Smith was particular insane.

  • He scored a career high 32 points in that one.

  • Which brings us to last night against the S.

  • Boston.

  • The Celtics without Camba.

  • But again let me know how many injuries the Wizards air dealing with.

  • Bradley Beal is out.

  • Were you hatched?

  • Amora is out.

  • Davis Protons is out.

  • Thomas Bryant is out.

  • Move.

  • Anger is out and obviously asked John Wall still out.

  • And yet Washington was able to do something truly bizarre in this game.

  • They played defense.

  • No, I'm serious.

  • It happened.

  • It's on film.

  • The Wizard held the Celtics to just 17 in the first quarter and stayed on them all night.

  • Now this brave foray into actually trying to stop the other team from scoring did not come without its cost.

  • Garrison Matthews rolling his ankle while hustling back in the second quarter.

  • So there's another player down yet have no fear issues here, my Lord.

  • A marvel to watch when he can get going.

  • Watch here with the score tied at 80 ish asked, and his cancer to dance, Thank you Ish would score four buckets straight in this stretch and another one on another one.

  • Look at more Wagner's face there and by the end of the night, way for it.

  • Okay, so maybe things got a little carried away there.

  • It said the last time he heard M v P chants he was in high school.

  • But in a season where the Wizards have become one of the most unpredictable teams in the N B A, you can't blame fans for having some fun win, lose or weep.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

so watching the Wizards is sort of like playing roulette.


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