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  • it's a make or Miss Lee make miss for illegal promise.

  • I okay, make recognition with this.

  • Fourth quarter three here versus the Bulls, Melo past Alex English for 18th all time on the scoring list.

  • And Lalla facetime their son from the courtside there.

  • So Melo got a chance to salute his son Scotty.

  • You enjoying vintage Melo last night?

  • I'm I'm loving, You know, I'm happy that he's back in the league and just a camaraderie from his peers is, you know, I'm happy for him and he definitely deserves, as we've been watching, to be in the game.

  • Put up a lot of points.

  • Steel six for six on catch and shoot last night night.

  • Now that's what they want.

  • That's what they want out of him.

  • We move on, Miss Honest basketballs.

  • Honest Josh Richardson gets the dribble handoff here.

  • Chucks up a brick, flails just enough to get a whistle.

  • No contact.

  • Then he proceeded to miss role three.

  • Yeah, I mean, do you think machine Wallace's somewhere smiler all smiling?

  • By the way, I saw that tragic Bradley got fine.

  • How about we find Josh Richardson flopping because it's gotta stop getting this out of the game.

  • I don't find him.

  • Drake laughing Is punishment enough?

  • Scotty, find their for Josh Richardson.

  • Uh, he should be fine for 33 Next.

  • I like the booth.

  • That move there by Josh Richardson.

  • Make highlights.

  • Wolves Hawks.

  • Check the shout.

  • Step back from Trey Young.

  • Look at that.

  • It would take another look here in a second defensively and then, later on, he had a beautiful behind the back pass.

  • After this to Jabari Parker.

  • You'll see that here in just a moment.

  • Wow, Easy buckets there.

  • Steve Nash is Scotty, which was more impressive.

  • I think it was the past, I think the past.

  • I'm I'm used to him doing this step back, dropping at three.

  • Either him with James Harden.

  • So, yeah, for sure, pick your poison.

  • The passive makes him special.

  • Get a true for sure, I like a guy that's willing to deal Now is Grammy.

  • Did look that excellent point.

  • We move on Miss Control back to Toronto and six years outrunning, and Al Horford throws an errant lob, but it's directly into the backboard.

  • Two possessions later, though, we got the full court dime from Ben Simmons, so I mean should big out.

  • Just leave the point guarding toe Simmons in I only go pick on my guy.

  • Best ball handling, passing big man we have in the league.

  • Everyone has a bad day like what happened?

  • Good.

  • We love Big out should Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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it's a make or Miss Lee make miss for illegal promise.


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