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  • Dwight Howard back in Los Angeles Lakers uniform a couple years ago by would have been an improbable scenario.

  • What was the biggest factor in leading you back to this franchise?

  • I think it was divine time, that sort of thing.

  • I could think of pretty sure nobody thought it would be here.

  • I didn't think for a while, but everything happens for a reason.

  • So I see you're looking trim.

  • What did you do this offseason to get in this type of game shape?

  • To be able to help this team out the center position, We'll just, uh, trying really hard.

  • Just prepare myself for whatever situation I'll be put into.

  • Uh, like I said, I didn't know I was gonna be back here in their late I was still in Washington and I started the journey.

  • Been just toe get back in shape from having back surgery.

  • So just happy to be back looking for you're number 12 last time around three plus nine equals 12.

  • But what's the story behind the jersey where everybody's may ask me that teammates, but especially me, keep that you know, indoor.

  • Keep that inside, but it doesn't go.

  • 12 means a lot to me.

  • It is very special.

  • And the reason?

  • Watch.

  • Just Just like LeBron James, You came right out of high school to the embassy, made in the media impact.

  • What's it been like going through your career with LeBron as a competitors?

  • We all remember that that Syria's you guys have in the playoffs where he hit the game winner.

  • But you guys went on to win the series to now being teammates.

  • I think it's amazing.

  • You know, I never thought in a 1,000,000 years middle ground on the same team, but I'm excited.

  • I'm looking forward to it.

  • And I think we have an opportunity to do some great things together and just here to do my job.

  • Be the best of white teammate I could be.

  • When you think back to the one season you did play with the Lakers, what stands out?

  • What what are the memories?

  • Are, uh, that you think too well this in the past?

  • Uh, a lot of people want to talk about what happened and stuff like that, but for me, this is a fresh start.

  • It's a good opportunity for our team to just, uh, toe win.

  • It's every single day way Don't want to look too far ahead.

  • I want to stay in the moment and I'm just excited to be back.

  • Rob Pelinka said you put your money where your mouth is when it came to speaking to the team, interviewing with them and then accepting a non guaranteed contract.

  • Why'd you do it?

  • Why'd you being a guy with all these accomplishments?

  • Why did you come in with the humility that you did to be a part of this group?

  • Well, uh, none of those accomplishments, you know, they mean nothing right now, Uh, my job is to help this team win.

  • You know, all the stuff that happened in the past, You know, it doesn't matter.

  • At this present time, I just want to stay in the moment.

  • You stay focused on what I need to do for this team that helped this to be successful, and I thought on what you will be need to be doing is playing alongside Anthony Davis.

  • What can you guys provide?

  • It is a two man tandem in the paint, protecting the rim on and on the other end to Well, uh, you know, watch Anthony, these last couple months and you know he's an amazing player.

  • Makes an athlete just happy to have that opportunity.

  • Um, things like this don't come by too often.

  • When you play with a guy like LeBron James, you got like Anthony Davis Racing.

  • Rondo just list goes on.

  • So just blessed.

  • You know, I'm happy.

  • Teoh have a favor to be back, to be with the Lakers, just to spend it for just a little bit.

  • Opening night staple Center.

  • Lakers Clippers.

  • What the feelings that you're gonna have when you walk out of the tunnel, Man, I've been thinking about that every day.

  • Just I just feel with joy, you know, humility, you know, being able to come back to L.

  • A.

  • But I've always loved playing and, you know, the Staple Center.

  • It's about favorite places to play my whole career.

  • So to be back playing there again, it's gonna be weird, I think, the first couple of minutes.

  • But, you know, I'm just looking forward to Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Dwight Howard back in Los Angeles Lakers uniform a couple years ago by would have been an improbable scenario.


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