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  • Campbell Walker as bullish on the Celtics is the two of you in their chances.

  • Thank you so much to camera for taking the time to chat with me now.

  • He has missed the last four games with a sore left knee.

  • He had it drained.

  • We had some real news on that today, Danny Ainge told 9 18 98.5 the sports hub about campus injury quote.

  • We're being very cautious with Kemba.

  • We feel like we need Camba to be his best self, and right now we don't think that he can sustain what he wants to do.

  • But we're confident that his knee is going to be fine.

  • So coaches a couple different things that impact their right.

  • So a He says this isn't a long term injury, but he does say that We're gonna be very cautious.

  • How cautious do you think they should be?

  • I think they should be very cautious.

  • I think the Celtics are legitimate Contender are really doing.

  • If Kemba Walker is healthy, they have a much better chance, obviously, and so if I'm the Celtics, I'm taking my time with that, they are making sure they stays in shape But at the same time, we're not aggravated.

  • They could be as cautious as they can, afford to be very cautious.

  • They have four really high level wings or ball handlers, and then Marcus, Mark and fill in sometimes become 1/5 1 They play well when and if you're one of those guys interest.

  • So there's no rush.

  • But to Danny's point, to win the title to win four playoffs years, we're going to need all of those guys to be at their best.

  • That's how hard it is.

  • So you got to be cautious now in hopes that he could be ready later.

  • I asked him in that conversation Hey, you're coming into the situation where it was a mess last year, right?

  • And the guy he was replacing was a direct 1 to 1 of the guy who left who was supposed to be when he came in on that trade from Cleveland, their franchise player for the coming years and the pressure on him.

  • Zach, how do you think that he has been able to integrate empower this team in a way that he was coming in in Cairo's place because he's played a little differently?

  • than Kyrie.

  • He's a much more sort of decisive North South driver.

  • Kyrie likes to dance with ball.

  • That's fine.

  • Like Ivory gets, gets things done.

  • But we have all of these other wings who want the ball, just his willingness to make quicker decisions.

  • Get off the ball, get back, has empowered.

  • Every, like Tatum is running twice as many pick and rolls as last season.

  • But to me, the interesting thing about Kemba going forward when he comes back is Jayson Tatum has established its like all of that mess last season, that was a mess about We don't know who is the guy is and who gets touches.

  • Jayson Tatum is the guy that's clear, and I think that's actually every contender needs that, right?

  • You Do you think Jason Tatum is now establishing a pecking order?

  • You think Campbell's gonna be fine with that?

  • Will be fine.

  • I don't I don't see him as the kind of player who, if he's out and then another guy really asserts himself, camp is gonna come back and there's gonna be attitude problems or there's a locker room division campus point.

  • In that interview, he goes, I'm a fun guy I know, but you have to change you just their subtle like everyone gets 2% less.

  • You get stupid or whatever it is, you just have to sort of evolve that.

  • But I think that's where those assisting going come from That you brought up earlier about Taito, where Tatum now could make plays.

  • Kemba Walker is a big time shooter office all playmaker.

  • A second playmaker off the ball potato can find him on some of those plays and get him some easy baskets.

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Campbell Walker as bullish on the Celtics is the two of you in their chances.


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