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  • Wiggins.

  • That's the type of shot from our angle.

  • Corey was gonna bank it in and no kind of beginning.

  • So indecisive This Here's Wigan's three point shot as a big weapon for the Timberwolves in this first half.

  • That's 3000 old fashioned right there with the foul line.

  • Drops it back for Wiggins to on the clock a deep three.

  • Shots like that got changed to win.

  • That's just reality.

  • That was a well contested shot, obviously contested.

  • Two point with Dedmon fouled him, and he still made it 27.

  • Now for he'll see like a stop in a score here or steal.

  • Or in another three with, you know, obviously making interesting a boy.

  • How about buddy?

  • Hell, that's 30 points for Buddy, 33 for Buddy Healed and his 73 pointers.

  • You might want to find him If you are the Sacramento Kings.

  • Dan Minnesota Temple.

  • Wow, what a king!

  • Bloody hell.

  • This and it's in a losing effort, putting in work right there.

  • Martin.

  • Lucky because he almost fell down, but he put the brakes on him.

  • Step back.

  • Bobby Jack on the ball comes into him.

  • This core career high boy, about that 42 for healed.

  • And it's a one possession game and you don't have to foul now because you get the ball back.

  • Kings have Bettman and the elites a down low for a potential offensive rebound.

  • Just see that one night came grand beer.

  • Fox lightning across alive.

  • They outscored the Timberwolves 41 22.

  • Where is the ball?

  • Go to cant foul pounds towns on.

  • We're gonna play five more minutes.

  • Oh, boy, this is unbelievable.

  • What a comeback for Sacramento.

  • We're gonna go over time.

  • 1 19 1 19 Things lead in the first quarter pounds open, but he messed.

  • Fox can't rebound it.

  • Napier does.

  • Covington a good three point shooter, two point game and against second chance opportunities.

  • Get Buddy Hield involved.

  • Even so, he's gonna draw the defense box Has five personal fouls be.

  • Elita has five.

  • He looks to tie the game, coming back to Minneapolis on silencing the crowd.

  • That remains a lot of a map left, thinking this game is over.

  • A long, long time ago.

  • 1 25 1 25 18 for be elites, and again he's playing with five house seven to shoot.

  • Wiggins working on Barnes pull up Jumper.

  • Two point game.

  • Nice little mid range jump shot.

  • Contested byline.

  • Jumper on a chance for one more for the air in Fox.

  • Whom now he'll they play catch.

  • Look, a Cokie's defense.

  • Somebody healed.

  • Four.

  • Oh, boy!

  • 1 29 1 27 Wayans and the Sacramento Kings.

  • Somehow, some way win this game.

  • Truly.

  • One of the most amazing things I've witnessed in my 32 years off calling Sacramento Kings basketball, I would agree.

  • Napier, the one from the air in Fox that really sent in, tied the game up on the free throw line.

  • That was, I thought, You stop.

  • Think you've seen everything in basketball until you see.

  • See it off.

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